Soul Contract Reading Software

Soul Contract Reading Software

The original Version 1.0 of our web based software generates Soul Contract Birth Charts for readers of the book Your Soul Contract Decoded:

  • It runs on most devices with a browser, including Windows and Mac computers, tablets and smartphones on and offline
  • Is designed for book readers and practitioners to generate and manage Soul Contract charts
  • Gives you the ability to accurately and quickly generate Soul Contract Charts, including a full Star of David, for names which are in written English as it’s pronounced for yourself, friends and family.
  • For all names that are non-english you will require our Name Assistance Service


Experience the power of the Soul Contract Reading Software Version 1.0

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It includes 100% of the software’s functionality, 4 free names and no time limit on when you can generate them.

Experience how the Software works after you sign up

1. Welcome to the Software

2. Create New Chart Set for the Software

3. Open Chart Set for the Software

4. Main Chart Set Functions

5. Viewing, Printing and Editing Charts

6. Generating your Interpretation from the book

We have been developing our next generation Version 2.0 of the software

We call it Soul Contract Reports and here’s why we created it:


Many Your Soul Contract Decoded book readers told us they love the system, but don’t want to work out the maths, calculate the aspect numbers and understand all the interpretations by going through the book. They said:
“Just tell me my life’s purpose and how to get there!”

Now, you don’t have to go back and forth through the book manually to work out what it all means!
You can simply press a button and we generate the charts and interpretations for you, and your friends and family so you can share this profound work with them.

This new service removes all the hard work. Our cutting edge technology does all the heavy lifting for you. So you can discover your Life’s Purpose  and live a more fulfilling life. Sharing the deepest truth of who someone truly is also makes a great gift for your friends and family.


Download a FREE sample 1 page Summary Report

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Download a FREE sample 75-140 page in-depth Full PDF Report (Complete)