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Empower spiritual seekers to manifest their soul purpose with the Soul Contract Reading Training

Empower yourself and others with Divine Healing: Master Key to Ascension

Facilitate the embodiment and expression of Divine Purpose with the Lotus Surgeon Lightbody Training

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Soul Contract Reading Training

Empowering Spiritual Seekers to Manifest their Soul Purpose

As we accelerate our ascension in consciousness, spiritual seekers are feeling an increasingly strong urge from within to connect with and manifest their soul purpose, seek out the tools and knowledge to awaken to this purpose and will do what ever it takes to achieve this.

Training as a Soul Contract Reader is the answer to that search


Divine Healing: Master Key to Ascension

Empower Yourself

This powerful healing training is designed to open your channel to work directly with Higher Self to clear the many layers of programs and blockages we hold.

It is an initiation into your empowerment and accessing greater levels of love.

You will learn how to heal both yourself and others.


Lotus Surgeon Lightbody Training

The embodiment and expression of Divine Purpose.

The Ascension process is accelerating daily. More and more people are requiring assistance to raise their frequency and embody higher consciousness. A new civilisation is being born, based on Unity consciousness.

Lightbody Integration facilitates the embodying and expression of Divine Purpose. Tools such as this are required on a mass level to help awaken those who are to create this new civilisation.

Are you ready to step forward and play a big part can in this Ascension process, at this very important time in human evolution?

By training to become a Lightbody Integration Practitioner you can facilitate the birthing of this new civilisation