Frequently Asked Questions

In this section, we answer some of the most commonly asked questions about Your Soul Contract Decoded

Question: When we analyse our names using the Soul Contract Reading system, are we supposed to use the name exactly as it appears on our birth certificate? I am slightly confused by your use of the word “phonetic”, (para 2, p38 and para 2, p39 in the book) which makes me think I should be using a phonetic spelling. Can you clarify this for me?

Answer: Looking at para 2, p38 and para 2, p39 again in hindsight, I can see where the confusion has arisen. I apologise for this. It should read:

The Soul Contract work is based upon the core principle of the direct conversion of English pronounced as its written into ancient Hebrew phonetic sounds. Normally for English names, the first thing to do is to write out your name as it appears on your birth certificate exactly as it is spelt. It pays to actually physically check the birth certificate if you are not 100% sure, because in working practice I have found that some people assume their name was one thing, but when they checked the birth certificate, it was slightly different: for example, they may use ‘Denis’ as the common spelling of their first name, but upon checking the birth certificate, it turns out to have been spelt ‘Dennis’. This is the correct name to use when decoding that name. Sometimes people discover that what they think is their first name is actually their middle name and that the real first name was not used.

Generally, English names are pronounced as they are written 95% of the time. By pronunciation, I mean as your parents would have said the name at the time they registered your birth. On this basis simply use the Correlation Between (Written) English and Hebrew Sounds in Table 2 and the Combination Letters in Table 3 on p20-21 to obtain the Hebrew Numbers for your name. This works for 95% of written English names as there is a wide range of tolerance within the Ancient Hebrew sounds used in the Soul Contract Reading system that accommodates the majority of English name sounds when they are pronounced as written.

Its only when there is a significant difference between the way the name is written and the way it is pronounced that you write the name phonetically. An extreme example of this 5% of English names is “St John” becomes “Sin Jin” in England, when used as a Christian or surname. If it is the name of a church, its pronounced “Saint John”.  However, an ordinary “John” is phonetically written as “John” in this system. Please don’t get into other phonetic systems of writing English unless a significant difference like this occurs as this will just confuse you.

If your parents used a non-English pronunciation of some or all of your birth certificate name, then the non-English pronounced words in your name need to be converted into the equivalent English sounds pronounced as they are written prior to conversion into Hebrew phonetic sounds: if you have French, Chinese, Polish elements, etc, refer to Non-English phonetics.

If you feel your name has a significant difference between the way it is spelt and the way it is pronounced, the way to determine if you have got the right phonetic spelling of it is to test the physical and spiritual karmic aspect’s interpretation on your self. Do they fit with your subjective life experience? If they do then the name is correct. If not then you will need to tweak the name some more until they do. The other aspects to check out after testing the karmic patterns are the goal and talent aspects, then finally the soul destiny. We offer a Name Assistance Service of Last Resort if you are unable to work out the correct phonetic spelling of your name in these specialised circumstances.

Question: In Table 2: Correlation Between English and Hebrew Sounds, there is a discrepancy between the “F” on page 20 which is defined as “Tzaddi” with a numerological value of 18 and its definition on p19 where it defined as “Peh” with a numerological value of 17. Which one is correct?

Answer: There is a typesetting error on p20, it should look like this.

Table 2: Correlation Between English and Hebrew Sound

Question: I’m feeling energetically fried by the books’s energy, what can I do about it as I am strongly compelled to finish it to the end as quickly as possible?

Answer: Each of the 22 Hebrew numbers is transmitting to you in turn when you read about them in the book. As Hebrew is a Sacred Language, you are receiving the pure frequencies of God when this happens. You are in a dense human body with lots of emotional separation patterns embedded in your cells. These are being triggered by the frequency of the book to leave as you rise in consciousness. So, read the book in small to medium doses then take a break to allow what you have read to assimilate. This will allow your system to process it and rise in frequency. Once you feel this is done, then go back for some more. Basically you need to pace yourself.

Question: My name is non-English in pronunciation (e.g. German) , can I just convert it directly into Hebrew sounds using the book’s instructions?

Answer: No you can’t. The book uses and English to Hebrew Translation Matrix. You first need to convert the German into the equivalent English phonetic sounds, then undertake the conversion. This is described in the Non-English Phonetics section of the Reader Web Portal. Currently the German to English Translation Matrix is under development

Question: I just bought your book and would like to know  where to find the software that helps with the The Spiritual Map of Life

Answer: Click here to access the software on the Reader Web Portal

Question: Should I not join the the two letters of a combination letter e.g. “T” and “A” of “TA” because I think that they should be separated

Answer: Pretty much 100% of the time the combination letters like “ah” and “ta” are read as single Hebrew sounds.

Question: I have a sequence of letters in my name that looks like this “…..T  AH…..”.. There are two combination letters to choose from here a “TA” or an “AH”. Which one should I use?

Answer: Because the “T” is at the end of the first word of your name and the “A” is the beginning of the next word, there is more of a break in the phonetic sound of the name, so make the “AH” combination letter sound take precedence over the “TA” combination letter sound when allocating the Hebrew numbers

Question: I purchased the e-book kobo version and all the charts are to small to read and I can’t see how to make them bigger?  I have tried making the font bigger but it does not work on the charts?

Answer: This issue has been reported to the Publisher. Download the graphics here.

Question: How do you read an 11-11 in soul destiny? It’s not a double number nor a combination?

Answer: There is no 11-11 Soul Destiny. It is an 11-2 as the right hand number always needs to be reduced to the smallest possible number i.e. 1+1=2. See p50 in the book, point #6

Question:  I need guidance on what to do when only your last name appears on the birth certificate. I did see information in the book on using given names (or what your parents called or intended on calling you) if a birth certificate did not exist; however for me, one did exist, but it only had my last name on it and a dash for first name and middle name.

Answer: Analyse just your surname as it appears on your birth certificate in one instance and then  also the full names (e.g. first, middle and surname) your parents intended you to have and see which one best fits your life in terms of the interpretations it generates. (Start with looking at the karmic aspects to see of they fit., then the goals, talents and soul destiny) That will be the correct name for you to use.

Question: Hello, I bought your book and my husband and I are trying to figure out what to do with a suffix at the end of his name.

Answer: These need to me spelt phonetically exactly as they are spoken and then included in the name analysis e.g. Jr = “Junior”, I = “The First”, II = “The Second”, III= “The Third” etc

Question: I am having trouble assimilating the contents of the book. I don’t understand how it all works and am having difficulty generating my Soul Contract numbers and interpreting them. Basically, it all seems to complex to me and doesn’t make any sense.

Answer: You manifested the book in your reality for a reason. Your Soul (the part of your Higher Consciousness that is embodied) and Spirit (the Higher Consciousness part of you not embodied) desires you to awaken to the next level in your spiritual growth. If it didn’t want this to happen the book would not be in your reality. Therefore you need to find a way to access it in a way that works for you, so here are some helpful hints:

The book inherently transmits a very high level of spiritual truth. As a result of this you need to allow your frequency to gradually rise to the book’s Level of Consciousness in order to assimilate it. The human ego is in natural denial of its true nature, which is primarily to maintain us in a place of suffering, disconnected in consciousness from God/The Creative Force/Intelligence that we are a natural expression of. When you read the book it will start to raise your frequency, which will push on the this emotional separation programming, which may resist the truth being transmitted to it, making it challenging to assimilate the book.

If this is happening then I suggest you read the book in small doses, then take a break from it to allow the transmission to be assimilated into your consciousness. Reread the sections which aren’t clear and you will probably find that each time you do this you get the next layer of understanding. You may need to do this a few times to get a full understanding of what is being said.

If you have any of the following numbers in your Soul Contract, you may have some challenges in initially grasping how the book works, especially if they are in karma, goals or soul destiny:

13-4’s, 4-4’s: The 4 is all about learning to be worthy of assimilating the flow of Universal abundance. In a learning environment it means that knowledge does not initially get fully assimilated. It seems to go into your mind and just disappear and you can’t access it. The key to managing this is read the book in small doses, then take a break from it to allow the transmission to be assimilated into your consciousness. Reread the sections which aren’t clear and you will probably find that you get the next layer of understanding. You may need to do this a few times to get a full understanding of what is being said.

11-2’s: The 11 is all about learning to assimilate new structures of knowledge. Initially, many of the ideas in the book may be outside your existing structure, therefore they may initially not make any sense. The key to managing this is read the book in small doses, then take a break from it to allow the transmission to be assimilated into your subconsciousness. It will actually be processed in the background without you being consciously aware of it happening. Once this has been completed, it will then come into your conscious awareness as a new structure built onto your existing structure of knowledge, ready for you to use. Reread the sections which aren’t clear 4-5 times as it feels right as the 11-2 needs time to assimilate things several times and in different ways to fully grasp the new structure of knowledge its receiving.

7-7’s, 16-7’s: The essence of the 7 in these numbers is that one part of you that is the heart wounded inner child is hiding away from the world and doesn’t want to be seen for fear of being seen as bad or being rejected. It puts out an external protective facade to the world of who it would like to be seen as which is not who it truly is in order to protect itself from being hurt again. When the 7 is exposed to the high level of spiritual truth the book transmits about your true nature, it may try and control and stop you from being exposed to this truth by fuzzing your mind, so you can’t assimilate the book’s content, as the wounded inner child doesn’t feel safe to be exposed to the world through this truth. The key to this is to dialog with your inner child and tell him/her that it is safe to be exposed to the truth as you will protect him/her and that in fact connecting with and expressing the truth of who you are is the place of greatest safety for him/her as truth resonates at such a high Level of Consciousness. Everyone around you who is exposed to this truth will either have to raise their frequency and come into their truth or leave the space. This then makes it safe for the inner child to come out and play and show itself.

In all of the above scenarios, I would ask for your patience in taking your time to assimilate the book, for it carries a great gift for you in accessing the Spiritual Map of Your Life.

A top level summary of how to use Your Soul Contract Decoded:

  1. Start at the beginning to get some context on how you are creating your life reading from the Preface through to Chapter 2
  2. With Chapter 3 write out the case study Star of David as you go through it so that you learn how to generate a correct Soul Contract Chart. This is the quickest way to learn it. Reading the Chapter alone is not enough.The case studies are designed to start to give you a feel for what each set of numbers means in different positions. Then generate your own chart using the methodology described.
  3. Skip to Chapter 11 as it gives an overview on how to prepare and interpret your Soul Contract
  4. Chapter 4 presents the top level number interpretations. On a piece of paper write out the key word/phrases from these interpretations for your numbers depending on which of the seven aspects they are in. These form the essence of meaning for the interpretation of your Soul Contract Chart.
  5. Chapter 5 provides more in depth interpretations on the Double letter Gateways and Directions which you add onto the core interpretations in Chapter 4.
  6. Chapter 6 adds in additional information from the Simple Letters regarding the Symbolic Organs
  7. Chapters 7 and 8 add in more in depth aspect specific interpretations. You are building up the interpretation of your Soul Contract Chart in layers here so it gradually takes on more depth.
  8. Now, that you have all the keywords/phrases written down for your chart, step back and take a look at the bigger picture of your life. Look at the story that this is forming for you as the energy flows from Physical Karma through the chart all the way through Physical Talents, then the spiritual aspects and onto the Soul Destiny.
  9. If you have four or more of the same number in your chart, which is called a Dominant Vibration, then you need to read the channelled interpretation(s) in Chapter 9 relevant to this.
  10. Once you have a grasp on what you have been creating for yourself, have a look at Chapter 10 which gives you recommendations on how to work through all the aspects, especially in overcoming your karma, bringing your talents online, achieving your goals and manifesting your Soul Destiny.
  11. The Case Studies in Chapter 11 are designed to give you a feel for what the numbers in different aspects create in someone’s life. Have a look for the numbers in your chart within the different Case Study characters to get a feel of how they really work.
  12. Chapter 12 is designed to give you some suggestions on how you can use the knowledge you have discovered about your Soul Contract to create a more fulfilling life.

Question: I have worked out my soul contract but not sure if I should use 17 or 12 for the P in my name Georgina Diana Gallup?

Answer: As the “P” in “Gallup” is the final letter in the sequence of your entire name “GeorginaDianaGallup”, which we regard as continuous stream of sounds it becomes a 12 rather than a 17.

Question: I use Pythagorean Numerology. Why don’t the numbers in the Soul Contract Reading system match up with my understanding of these numbers using the Pythagorean System

Answer: I recommend you start afresh when learning how the Soul Contract Reading system works, as the numbers 1-22 used within it are English labels for 22 different Hebrew frequencies, which do not correlate with the way numbers are used in Pythagorean Numerology.

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