Second Book

When is the second book coming out?

This was mentioned in the first book and was going to be all about how the different names you have used and the names of those  you are in relationship with affect you in the form of overlay energies imprinting into the energies of your birth certificate name to help you grow in many different ways. Thus answering one of the greatest questions people have about their personal lives:

What is causing all the challenges in my relationships?

……and what can I do about it?

Development of a second book about this has been discontinued due to the discovery of the high level of complexity involved in trying to articulate these concepts in a book format. This can really only be undertaken properly with a Birth + Overlay Reading. If you want to take an even deeper dive into how the hidden, underlying soul to soul energy mechanics that  create our relationships really work we recommend our live trainings. You need to first come to our Soul Contract Reading Training level 1, which teaches you about how birth names create our fundamental underlying reality. This will then prepare you for our Level 2 Relationship Overlay Training that will unlock the hidden secrets of relationship energy dynamics  for you.