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Three excerpts from Your Soul Contract Decoded– written by Nicolas David Ngan


Excerpt from the Preface

In 1990, at the beginning of my spiritual journey of awakening, I walked into a hotel room in Phoenix, Arizona, as part of a week long spiritual training called the Carousel of Growth. This was for a Spiritual Numerology of Moses Reading Read more

Excerpt from the Introduction

When we first start off in life, things just seem to happen to us  randomly. As we mature, we begin to notice that some patterns start repeating themselves, and that there may be some sort of order to our life Read more

Excerpt from Chapter One

Sound is creative. The first sound was the sound of God entering the Great Void to create this Universe. As above, so below, your birth certificate name creates your life from the moment you are conceived to the moment your physical body dies Read more

"I've started reading your book and must say it's a great read – as a resource of wisdom on my personal life map and as general spiritual guidance. Well done! …..Reading your book I am feeling your life's wisdom shining through. It creates something much more than just a technical manual. It inspires me…"

Jag Reeves, London, England

Table of contents for Your Soul Contract Decoded



– My Soul Contract Reading
– Inspired to share and teach
– The Spiritual Map of my life


– Would someone just tell me what is going on with my life!
– The Spiritual Map of your life
– How you created your life the way it is
– How to start creating a more fulfilling life
– How to use this book
– Your Soul Contract creates your reality in each moment

Chapter 1: How you create your life

– Sound is creative
– An experiment in consciousness
– The dimensions we exist in
– How you actually create your reality
– The Law of Opposites
– Your karma is your greatest gift
– Your ego is attached to suffering
– Why you are reading this book
– The Soul Contract decoding process

Chapter 2: Decoding your birth certificate name, the Spiritual Map of your life

– Ancient Hebrew emerges from the movement and sound of God
– The layered interpretation approach
– The Tree of Life
– The Mother Letters of Creation
– The Double Letters
– The Simple Letters
– Number categories

Chapter 3: Methodology for creating and generating numbers

– Generating a chart: the Star of David
– Writing out the birth name phonetically
– Checking for combination letters
– Allocating the Hebrew numbers to the letters
– Assigning the Hebrew numbers on the Star of David
– Minimum number of phonetic sounds required
– Calculating the six aspects of the Star of David
– Calculating the Soul Destiny
– Calculating the three aspects for a short name with less than ten phonetic Hebrew sounds
– Brief interpretation of a name with ten or more phonetic sounds
– Case study 1: Michael William Sampson
– Brief interpretation of a short name with less than ten phonetic sounds
– Case study 2: Bart Alan 63
– Symbols associated with each of the 22 Hebrew numbers
– Channelled Soul Contract Symbols

Chapter 4: Understanding the numbers: generic top-layer interpretations

– The aspects of your Soul Contract
– An open system of interpretation
– Letting go of the judgement of your karma
– Focusing on the essence of each number
– Top-level interpretations 1–22

Chapter 5: Double Letters 1

– The Gateways
– The Directions

Chapter 6: Simple Letters

– The Organs

Chapter 7: Double numbers: 1–1 to 9–9 – aspect-specific meaning

– Deeper layers of meaning
– A specific range of frequencies to experience

Chapter 8: Combination numbers 10–1 to 22–4 – aspect-specific meaning

– A wider range of frequencies to experience

Chapter 9: The Word

– Transmissions from God

Chapter 10: Recommendations

– How to make your life happen
– Recommendations 1–1 to 22–4
– Living in the right place
– Soul Contract Frequency Based Products
– The essence of the numbers

Chapter 11: Decoding the interpretations of your Soul Contract

– Interpretation methodology
– Writing out your Soul Contract
– Case studies
– Case study chart summary for finding your numbers
– Case study 3: Stephanie Margaret Megan Taylor
– Case study 4: Maxine Charlotte Ethelle Sampson
– Case study 5: Jeri Michelle Taylor
– Case study 6: Mark Anthony Rubin
– Case study 7: Naomi Jemma Kelliher
– Case study 8: John William Taylor
– Case study 9: John Arnold Ford
– Now you know how life works
– Family, personal, parenting and business relationships

Chapter 12: The next steps

– Creating a more fulfilling life for yourself
– Embracing your life to consciously heal yourself
– You are important in the global scheme of things
– Manifesting your divine purpose
– Creating Heaven on Earth in your life
– How you are changing our Earthly reality
– In conclusion

Appendix A: Non-written English and non-English phonetics
Appendix B: More advanced applications
Appendix C: Soul Contract Readings and consultations
Appendix D: Workshops and practitioner training
Appendix E: Tools for awakening
Appendix F: Web portal for readers

Copyright 2013 Nicolas David Ngan

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