We are here to Co-create Heaven on Earth

Meet our Principal

Nicolas David Ngan

Nicolas David Ngan had always felt there was something special he was here to do in this life, some secret that was being held back from him, and began searching for it from a very young age. He was born in New Zealand, never felt he really fitted in with his family and society in general, he used to look up at the stars at night and felt that was where home really was. He studied Chemical Engineering and entered the corporate world. However, the answers he sought to his true purpose for being alive continued to elude him, and weren’t to be found at school, university or from conventional work. So, he left New Zealand in 1987 as he felt a strong soul urge to see the World. He first travelled to South East Asia where he was exposed to Thai and Tibetan Buddhism and how this spirituality permeated their entire societies. In Japan he learnt about Frank Alper and his spiritual course called the Carousel of Growth and was magnetically drawn to it.

A year later in Phoenix, Arizona, he walked into this training and felt that he was home for the very first time in his life. He’d met his true spiritual family. During this training he received a Spiritual Numerology of Moses reading (a.k.a. Soul Contract Reading) from Frank. All the disparate parts of his life were put into context in that one profound hour. He finally uncovered that secret he’d been searching for and learnt the truth of what his soul mission was on Earth, which was to be a spiritual teacher and healer. He studied the Soul Contract Reading work with Frank and brought it to the United Kingdom in 1990 and developed it as a weekend practice while working in corporate finance in mobile satellite communications.

He woke up one morning in 1997 with a strong message from his soul that it was time to leave the corporate world. He took a leap of faith and journeyed to sacred sites in Central and South America, India and Nepal to receive their transmission in order to prepare him for the transition into offering his spiritual work full time in 1998.

In 1999 Dr Ahlmeirah Ariel Hallaire joined him and they Co-Founded the Center for Conscious Ascension whose purpose is to raise humanities consciousness in the Ascension process by developing, expanding upon and sharing the most powerful, cutting edge consciousness raising tools on Earth in the form of Soul Contract Reading, Divine Healing Master Key and Lightbody Integration through private sessions and now primarily through training practitioners and teachers in this work. This is so you can access the hidden secret of your life and express your gift of service out into the World.

Nicolas and Ahlmeirah are the leading teachers in the English speaking world of the Soul Contract body of sacred knowledge. They have been developing this work over the past 32 years. Nicolas is the Amazon #1 best-selling author of “Your Soul Contract Decoded” and also has #1 ranked Gaia.com Open Minds shows with Regina Meredith to his credit. He appears regularly on radio and TV around the world. Nicolas is based in the UK. Ahlmeirah now runs our sister business the Centre of Love and Enlightenment and is based in France.

Many great people have assisted us over the years in building the Center for Conscious Ascension into what it is today and we are most grateful for their gift of love and service. Here is our current team of Co-Creators.

Our team

A worldwide team of skilled experts

Antigony Langley

Antigony co-teaches the Soul Contract Reading Levels 1 and 2 Practitioner Trainings with Nicolas David Ngan, and has over 20 years of experience as a Soul Contract Reading Practitioner. She is also a professional Western and Chinese Astrologer and Flying Stars Feng Shui Consultant. Her background training as a Transpersonal Psychotherapist supports her entire practice. Antigony also manages our Practitioner and Your Soul Contract Decoded book reader online communities. She helped out in building the early phases of the website and is based in the UK.

Antonya Catahlinah Beamish

Antonia is our Training Coordinator who manages our Practitioner Trainings and is the first point of contact for users of our website. She is passionate about connecting with people, building our communities, and expanding the global reach of our cutting edge, consciousness raising technologies. She also manages and develops our website and community platforms. Antonia is a practicing Soul Contract Reader, Divine Healer and Systematic Kinesiologist based in the UK.

Nora Rose Zinerman

Nora is our Brand and Website Designer with 30 years experience industry wide. Her clarity and intuition supports us in communicating our vision as a unified whole whilst creating an optimal user experience. She has undertaken the detailed brand design and look and feel of our website along with supporting us in the content re-structure and website mapping. Nora is based in the UK.

Tom Blaker

Tom is our lead Web Development Consultant with creativity, experience and passion for building websites that look great, are easy to use and utilise the best of available technologies. He greatly enjoys the technical and creative challenges associated with working on this site and the opportunity to make its unique potential for guided self-discovery and analysis as accessible as possible to all the people that will be using it. Tom is based in the UK.

Emma Hobson

Emma is our Website Contractor and Mailchimp expert and has supported the creation of our website in many ways. Including adding content and creating and implementing the booking structure for courses and sessions - making sure that students and clients can book online in an intuitive and simple way. Emma is based in the UK.

Sebastian Cruze

Sebastian is a Soul Contract Reading Practitioner and Search Engine Optimization expert who has been trained and mentored by some of the brightest minds in the internet marketing industry. He has a passion for creating massive, positive expansion in the businesses he guides. His focus has been on developing the sales funnels for our website. Sebastian is based in the USA.

Robin Ismael Frederick Williams

Robin is the Lead Visionary and technical driving force behind our Soul Contract Reader software to help raise global consciousness and support huge numbers of people in their ascension process. He is a software architect with over 30 years' experience, a Soul Contract Reading practitioner and healer. His passion is holding space for people to empower themselves to be the greatest expression of the magnificent beings that they really are and to connect with and experience their bliss. Robin is based in the UK.

Lauren Calvert

Lauren is a trainee Soul Contract Reading Teacher, Soul Contract Reading and Divine Healing Practitioner. She provides general and phonetic name assistance to our Soul Contract Reading practitioner and Your Soul Contract Decoded book reader communities as well as user support for the Soul Contract Reading software. Lauren is passionate about helping people develop a greater understanding of themselves, enabling them to find new levels of love, compassion and peace in their lives. She hopes to inspire a greater connection to spirit, empowered action, and sparks of kindness and joy in all she does. She is based in Australia.

Our Mission

Creating Heaven on Earth

Our mission is to Co-Create Heaven on Earth by sharing the most powerful, cutting edge consciousness raising tools on Earth with you. This will enable you to raise your consciousness so that we can collectively accelerate the ascension of humanity into the next level of existence.