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Endorsements and reviews for Your Soul Contract Decoded

“Nicolas David Ngan’s ‘Your Soul Contract Decoded’ for me was comprehensive and profoundly affecting. It felt like a therapy session with someone who already knew all of my issues. I was surprised at the accuracy of some of the insights that Nicolas gave me into my way of being in the world and his assessment of my relationships to date was spot-on.

We all have a sense that there has to be reason why we’re here in the world; Nicolas’ insights allow you to stop wondering and start living that life purpose. I highly recommend his work”

Tania Ahsan, Editor, Kindred Spirit.


“This book is astounding in its ability to really pin who you are, just from your name! … I found it very
accurate in its tones and meanings. I highly recommend this to all those on a journey of Ascension to our highest individual and collective calling – to fully understand one’s key gifts and potential. Well done Nicolas. Your work will help many find their true path home and fully integrate with the NOW, in the process.
Abundant Blessings.”

Gulrukh Khan, Award winning Director / Producer,


“Soul Contract Reading work is a unique profiling system. The readings have not only helped to make sense of my personal, gifts and direction, they have helped me throw light on business and relationship issues. Most importantly, Soul Contract Reading shows you how to make corrective changes to align with your soul destiny.”

Steve Ahnael Nobel, Author, Coach and Co-Director of Alternatives, London
The Soul Matrix


‘I found the Soul Contract work with Nicolas David was extremely helpful in helping me understand my own strengths and to see what I had promised to do in this lifetime. And his knowledge is phenomenal.’

Nick Williams, Author of The Work We Were Born To Do
and Co-Founder of Inspired Entrepreneur


“I’ve had the privilege of consulting thousands of people one in one in the past 15 years in the areas of Human Design, The Psychology of Success, Feng Shui, and Mayan Destiny. I have felt there was always something missing, as I wasn’t completely accessing the direct wisdom of the soul.

Then I discovered Nicolas David Ngan’s book Soul Decoding. I couldn’t put it down. It contained in it the missing puzzle pieces and the spiritual map to satisfy the initiate on the quest of evolution & ascension.

It’s so well written, so easy to follow, and so life transforming, that I highly recommend anyone reading this, to stop reading right now, and go buy the book.”

Joseph Michal Syverson, Laguna Beach, California
New York Times Best Selling Author


“What a fascinating look into how the blueprint of a person’s life is encoded within their own birth name. Mr. Ngan presents a topic to his readers that immediately draws them in and has each one of them wondering what they’ll find out about their own lives while reading this enthralling book. I have to say that I was immediately pulled in and I couldn’t wait to begin learning about the blueprints of my life hidden within my own name. This is based on an ancient system of numerology that uses Hebrew glyphs, which helps in deciphering a person’s karma, talents and goals that they possess. I found this to be a very thought-provoking book that I plan on re-reading over and over again in hopes that each read-through will bring an even more in-depth revelation to who I am. To think it’s as simple as just having a birth name is just utterly fascinating to say the least. I’m new to this author, but I’m a fan now. I highly recommend this book and eagerly want to search out any other books he may have already written. Don’t pass this one up if you’d love to learn more about yourself and want to uncover hidden talents or goals you didn’t even know you possessed.

In this book, we’re introduced to Mr. Ngan’s method of learning more about yourself through use of Hebrew glyphs that assist in revealing the reader’s life purpose, along with their talents, goals and karma. The book is presented in a conversational tone in which the reader feels they are having a one-on-one conversation with the author as they turn the pages. Mr. Ngan makes it an easy task to decipher more about your true self just by breaking down your birth name and offering thought-provoking explanations that make you want to learn more as you turn each page. If you’re looking for a book that will allow you to gain more insight into the person you truly are and where your life path has led you and is leading you, than this is the perfect book to consider reading and adding to your library.”

Diana Coyle