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Nicolas David Ngan has developed this powerful, profoundly transformative body of Soul Contract work at the Center For Conscious Ascension in conjunction with Dr Ahlmeirah Ariel Hallaire. They are regarded as world leaders in this field and have been working at the cutting edge of raising human consciousness for over 20 years. This talk/event will be based upon over 33 years of their combined experience in helping thousands of people around the world to understand their lives; embody and express their higher consciousness and transmute their emotional separation programming to create more fulfilling, empowered, joyful and conscious lives.


Photos from the launch event for Your Soul Contract Decoded







Media related to Your Soul Contract Decoded with Nicolas David Ngan

Your Soul Contract Decoded Events

Quest Bookstore event: New York 2014. In this event, Nicolas provides an overview of the Soul Contract Reading system, and an in-depth demonstration of how to interpret a Soul Contract Chart

Presentation on Your Soul Contract Decoded 5th May 2015 East West Bookstore, Mountain View, CA, USA

Author Nicolas David Ngan talks about his book "Your Soul Contract Decoded" October 10th 2017

Your Soul Contract Decoded (41 minutes)

Shorts about Soul Contracts

Your Soul Chooses Your Name (5 minutes)

Changing Your Name for a Better Life (7 minutes)

Podcast: Steve Nobel and Nicolas David Ngan discuss Your Soul Contract Decoded

Duration: 19 minutes

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Radio Interview “Your Soul Contract Decoded” with Harun Rabbani on The Consciousness Revolution Show

The field of new biology demonstrated that your DNA is controlled by our environment outside the cell. Nicolas takes this one step further and reveals that it is your soul’s transmission of your Soul Contract energies that creates your reality in each moment. The author of ‘Your Soul Contract Decoded’ shares the significance of unlocking the secrets of the blueprint of your life hidden within your birth name; how this knowledge is used to access your deepest soul purpose; how to understand your karmic patterns and the talents needed to deal with them and to place your entire life into context to help you navigate your life properly and with much more ease.

Duration: 58 minutes


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Angel Heart Radio: “Navigating life with your name” Nicolas discusses Soul Contract Reading with Annette and gives live taster Readings

Duration: 62 minutes

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Mastery Path Event:

Nicolas introduces Soul Contract Reading at Mastery Path in Manchester 2013

Email to obtain a DVD of the event:
Price: £16.50-£18.50 depending on location (delivery from the UK to Europe and the USA only)