Nephilim Removal

Session 2: Nephillim Soul Removal 

As part of the Creation of the Game of Separation, each human has an extra soul embodied in addition to the human soul.

Its purpose is to hold the illusion of being separate and disconnected from Divinity.

It is wrapped around the spinal column and will often create back pain and headaches when you hit a threshold of awakening. It creates a very strong feeling of resistance in your consciousness.

The removal procedure involves dissolving the contract between the Nephillim soul and your soul.

We do this by performing two vow breaks. The vows are specific to you and are channelled prior to the session. Once the vows are released, the Nephillim soul is removed. This creates the space for more of your Higher Self to embody. You may experience a great sense of relief and freedom, coupled with greater awareness and connection.

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