Divinity Threshold Recalibration

Session 3: Divinity Threshold Removal

Divinity thresholds are 7th dimensional structures located in the pelvis, back and legs. Their purpose is to prevent Spirit from embodying below the ribcage.

Are you experiencing any of the following symptoms:

  • Chronic or recent pain in the pelvis, hips, lower back or neck
  • Digestive problems
  • Low life force, fatigue, depression, alienation, sudden emotional outbursts
  • Blocks in sexual or creative flows
  • Changes in the menstrual cycle and hormonal balance
  • Inability to bring Spirit into your body below the rib cage
  • Lack of centring and grounding
  • Difficulty unifying the lower and upper chakras

If so, then its time to have your Divinity thresholds removed.

As the Higher Light descends into the body it triggers primal survival patterns that are fear based. Eventually the Higher Light will awaken the Adam Kadmon/Divine Image of Man in our DNA. Removal of these Divinity Thresholds alleviates the above symptoms and allows our Spirit to more fully embody.


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