Higher Light Integration

Session 5 or 6: Higher Light Integration

This work opens the DNA to accept more Light. It supports the building of the Lightbody and prepares the energy bodies for reunification with the Oversoul.

A grid-work of Higher Light is built on the surface of the physical body. This is connected to the physical meridian system and chakras. These in turn feed the Light into the internal meridian (axial) system to reach the DNA in every cell of the body.

This process may also help to relieve some of the symptoms of the below (if they are caught early enough):

  • Chronic Fatigue,
  • Fibro Myalgia
  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • Lupus


→ Body Consciousness Realignment

→ Nephillim Consciousness Removal

→ Etheric Crystal Removal

→ Divinity Threshold Recalibration

→ Astral Devices


Activations + Recalibrations

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