Chronic Fatigue and Fibro-Myalgia

Chronic Fatigue and Fibro-Myalgia

Chronic fatigue and Fibro-Myalgia are a serious side effect of the Lightbody Mutational process that affects some people. This is where the body’s cells are unable to convert life force into a form the body can readily use.

As the affected individual progresses through the different levels of Lightbody their cells produced less and less energy. This results in the Chronic Fatigue/ME syndrome as it is known by conventional medicine where people feel like they are running on empty all the time no matter what they do.

Fibro-Myalgia is also caused by missing energy metabolisation instructions for the cells that occurred as people entered the higher levels of the Lightbody Mutational process. Again an energy failure occurs as the cells are unable to convert life force to a form the body can readily use.

This damage is repaired using a variation on the basic levels of the Lightbody Integration work. Included within this work is a reprogramming of the cellular structure so it can metabolise life force properly again. People generally feel an improvement in energy levels within a month or two.


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