Soul Rotation

Soul Rotation

These are very rare. There are many different facets of experiences that an Oversoul lays down in its incarnational experience. They are usually kept separate from each other, due to the difference in orientation and level of consciousness.

In a Soul Rotation, there is a change of facet, where a new one is rotated into the body and personality expression. This takes the form of a change of the spiritual body. The old one returns to the Oversoul and a new one from the same Oversoul is put in place. This is different from a walk-in in that there is no change in Oversoul. Although soul rotations can still be mistaken for Walk-ins.

If a more conscious aspect comes online the personality feels elated. It will infuse expanded Unity Consciousness into the physical, emotional and mental bodies to break through the limited pictures of survival based reality laid in by the less conscious previous spiritual body.

If it is more unconscious this can be extremely frightening. The latter one is usually only temporary and is often used to cut a deeper pathway into the human genetic consciousness. When this is done a more conscious facet will be rotated in to replace it much to the relief of the personality.


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