Group Mind Vow Break

Group Mind Vow Break

A Group Mind is where there is one consciousness expressing through many different energy or physical bodies. There are many levels of this. At the Unity or Christ Consciousness level, in the 5th dimension, for sentient life forms, a being is fully aware that it is part of one Great Spirit. There is no separation of it from the whole.

At the 4th dimensional level many Extraterrestrial races function through Group Minds. This is where each individual is aware that it is connected to one mind.  The thoughts and feelings of one individual are shared with all of the others collectively. The overall will of the collective consciousness is also channelled for expression through each “individual” in the collective.

In the 3rd dimension, the majority of humanoid souls embodied are functioning as individuated beings, completely separated in consciousness from God. This is so that through the journey of life they can consciously re-experience themselves as God.

However, there are some exceptions to this in the form of Extra-Terrestrial souls who source from an ET Group Mind. They choose to incarnate in physical human bodies but retain the Group Mind soul connection. The Group mind has sent them to explore more individuated consciousness. This results in the following differences to “normal” more individuated human beings:

  1. They interact with others quite differently as all emotional and mental input to their consciousness is channelled back to the ET Group Mind on the 4th dimension to be processed and a response is then sent back through the embodied ET soul. This can result in a small time delay in the way they respond to people. The response itself may also seem odd to those receiving it as it has been processed through non-human parameters.
  2. They may feel non-human, i.e. Extraterrestrial, emotions and feelings, or no emotions or feelings at all as some ET races have completely lost the use of their emotional bodies in their exploration of the many different faces of God.
  3. They may feel like they are a video camera feeding data back to the 4th dimensional Group Mind from the 3rd dimension. This is a very good analogy for what they are actually doing.
  4. They may feel that something they cannot put their finger on is controlling their entire life i.e. the Group Mind


They have actually come to Earth to break free of the Group Mind consciousness and to become much more individuated like “normal” human beings.

The Group Mind Vow Break process clears the programming that creates the Group Mind so you can become much more individuated


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