Name Assistance

If you would like some assistance with getting the correct non-english phonetics of your non-English birth certificate name eg German, French or Spanish name you can fill in the form pay the £19 fee here and we will get back to you when we have completed the translation.

We need to hear how your name would have been pronounced by your parents at the time of birth in order to get the correct phonetic sounds for it. Please make an MP3 recording of your name said once at normal speed, then repeat it three times more slowly so we can hear the nuances of the sounds. We recommend using and copy and paste the link it generates. into the form below.

Name Assistance

include country code
Full birth certificate names (or parent's primary intended names for you if you have no birth certificate). Please write it in the exact order and spelling it is written in. If you are not sure, please check the actual certificate itself. e.g. Michel Wilhelm Sampson
Language(s) used by your parents for each word in your birth certificate name in the same sequence as your birth certificate name just above eg 1.French 2. German 3.English
Do You Have a Non-English Pronounced Name? Non-English Pronounced Name?

For all non-english names it is ESSENTIAL to send us a recording of your names pronounced as they would have been by parents at the time of naming. When recording, say the name at normal speed once, then three times more slowly. If you don't speak the language then please ask someone that does to do the recording. Use the software Vocaroo (link below) to record the pronunciation of all non-english names. Then copy the link and add it below.

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