Name Alignment

Name Alignment

Name alignment is a follow on process to Name Optimisation to accelerate the activation of your new optimal name. This aligns you at all levels of your being to the new optimal name by clearing blockages to its manifestation and includes:

  1. Shifting all misaligned energies
  2. Shifting brain programming
  3. Clearing barriers creating the misalignment across time
  4. Clearing any fear based memories
  5. Soul Fragment healing
  6. Clearing any blocking beliefs
  7. Cleaning up your Akashic Records
  8. Clear anything else that comes up during the session which the soul shows us to help clear the way for a better alignment.
"After my name alignment with Nicolas, I felt really energised, clearer, more grounded and powerful. "

Claire P. North London

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Nicolas isn’t currently offering Name Alignment sessions. However, please complete the form to provide us with your details and we will match you with an experienced and compatible practitioner who has trained with us.

This will be an independent arrangement with you and the practitioner. Prices may vary so please check directly with the recommended practitioner when booking.

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