non-english phonetics

If you have non-written English and/or non-English phonetics in your birth certificate name, you need to convert them into the equivalent English phonetic sounds for the allocation of Hebrew phonetic sounds for proper analysis. This process is under continual development. For that reason and due to space limitations in the book it was decided to put this section in the Reader Web Portal

Previously we have worked out non-english phonetic names by listening carefully to their sounds and also using phonetic dictionaries. However, for the book we have embarked on a project to develop Phonetic Translation Matrices for other languages. In order to make this as thorough as possible this takes a lot of developmentĀ  time. As an interim measure we are offering a Name Assistance Service if the language of your birth certificate name is not covered. Our aim is to eventually cover the major languages of the world.
Phonetic Translation Matrices are currently available for:





and are under development for: