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Discovering The Spiritual Map Of Your Life With Numerology
An and  #1 bestseller

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Empowering Spiritual Seekers to Manifest
their Soul Purpose

Nicolas David Ngan's first book:

  • Unlocks the secrets of the blueprint of your life  hidden within your birth name.
  • Empowers you to:

    • overcome your challenges
    • express your strengths
    • manifest your dreams
    • access your deepest soul purpose.

It will teach you how to correlate the sounds in your birth name with Ancient Hebrew glyphs.

  • Each Hebrew glyph has a number inherent within it.
  • These numbers are analysed using a Star of David chart to reveal your Soul Contract. This will show you

    • the karmic patterns you face
    • the talents you have to overcome them
    • the goals you are trying to achieve and
    • your soul destiny.
  • It will place your entire life into context. This will enable you to navigate your life properly for the first time.

The decoding process is quite straightforward with the information about your life being presented in easily accessible and digestible layers. You will be given specific recommendations on how to overcome your karma, manifest your talents and dreams and how to engage with your soul purpose.

Medical science used to believe that our genes and DNA had total control over our biology and the way we functioned in the world. Then the field of New Biology demonstrated that our DNA is actually controlled by signals from outside the cell. This book takes this one step further and will clearly demonstrate, in very specific ways, that it is your soul’s transmission of your Soul Contract energies that creates your reality in each moment.

Nicolas David Ngan has developed this powerful, profoundly transformative body of Soul Contract work at the Center For Conscious Ascension in conjunction with Dr Ahlmeirah Ariel Hallaire. They are regarded as world leaders in this field and he will be sharing with you over 45 years of their combined experience in helping thousands of people around the world.

 This book will enable you to:

  • Discover why you are in the perfect place in your life,  be it in crisis, stuck, seeking a new way forward or just needing to make sense of everything. It will empower you to move forward from there
  • Pick up the right tools to overcome your life challenges and deliver your gift of your service to the world hidden within them
  • Connect with and start to manifest your dreams
  • Access and start to manifest your soul purpose
  • Understand those close to you
  • Create a much more fulfilling life at all levels

"This book is astounding in its ability to really pin who you are, just from your name! … I found it very
accurate in its tones and meanings. I  highly recommend this to all those on a journey of Ascension to our highest individual and collective calling – to fully understand one's key gifts and potential. Well done Nicolas. Your work will help many find their true path home and fully integrate with the NOW, in the process. 
Abundant Blessings."

Gulrukh Khan, Award winning Director / Producer

Generate your own FREE Soul Contract chart

Click here to buy the book to find out what your chart means

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