Support Program Level 3

Soul Contract Reading Training Support Program Level 3


The follow on Soul Contract Reading Training Support Program is specifically designed for those who have completed Level 3 and are now ready to take this work out into the world to help your clients maximise success in their businesses at all levels.

Think of this as Part 2 of the training where we transition you from the safe 5D bubble of the four day Part 1 training and help you develop your Confidence, Proficiency and Mastery in using the Soul Contract Business Reading work.

This will enable you to integrate it into your business and launch it out into the 3D market place so you can successfully deliver this gift of service to your clients and grow your business in the process.

We will create a Community which is a safe and loving space to share issues and challenges following the Level 3 training

You will receive:

  • Support
  • Encouragement
  • Understanding
  • Answers to your questions
  • Access to 30 years of experience in all levels of Soul Contract Reading

Each group is tailored to the individual needs of participants; common topics are:

  • Business Reading preparation
  • Going deeper into the meaning of the business name interactions and interpretations
  • Practical steps for giving a business session
  • Student Case studies
  • Recommendations for moving clients forward in their businesses
  • Client experiences and expectations
  • Describing Soul Contract Business Readings in an accessible way to clients

Soul Contract Level 3 Support Programme Testimonials

"I feel like some of those clarifications that we got from the programme have been so helpful.. sometimes I'd be feeling lost so I'd just wait till the next support call, and every time that would be so helpful and I could take all of that energy and momentum that I felt building up that I didn't know where to direct, it was so helpful for me to pace myself and get clarity and not end up too stuck."

Lauren, North America

"Because the classes are so intense and there's so much to cover, the really great thing about the actual support programme is that you've got the time.. to sit with you and talk. For me it really was that extra space and time, because of the speed and the depth of the course, to have that space with you to actually assimilate it. I hadn't done any of the other support programmes, as it was the last one it gave me an opportunity if there was anything I hadn't quite grasped I could come back to it. To come at it at a gentler and more relaxed approach for me really helped to put it all back into perspective again."

Heidi, UK

Next Support Programme: January - May 2024

An online training with Nicolas David Ngan

4 X consecutive monthly 2 hour sessions (total 8 hours)

Prerequisite: Soul Contract Reading Level 3 Training

Dates: 18 January, 15 February, 22 March, 2 May 2024

Times for 18th January and 15th February: UK time: 12-2pm, EST: 7am-9am, CST: 6am-8pm, MST: 5am-7am, PST: 4am-6am, CET: 1pm-3pm, Vietnam: 7-9pm, AEST: 11pm-1am, NZST: 1-3am

Times for 22nd March: UK time: 12-2pm, EDT: 8am-10am, CDT: 7am-9pm, MDT: 6am-8am, PDT: 5am-7am, CET: 1pm-3pm, Vietnam: 7-9pm, AEST: 11pm-1am, NZST: 1-3am

Times for 2nd May: UK time: 12-2pm, EDT 7am-9am, CDT: 6am-8pm, MDT: 5am-7am, PDT: 4am-6am, CET: 1pm-3pm, Vietnam: 7-9pm, AEST: 10pm-12am, NZST: 12-2am

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Total Fees: £193 (approx US$244)

Payment plan available: Typically 3 x monthly payments of £64.34 (approx US$82)

You may have the option of using PayPal Pay Later at checkout on the registration form (select paypal checkout) provided you meet Paypal’s credit check criteria and that this service is available in your country.

If you can’t make all the times shown:

You can still post your questions on the dedicated Facebook Support Programme group as text or preferably a screen, sharing video links and they will be answered in the live sessions. You will get access to all the session videos.

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