Practitioner Software

Designed for practitioners and non-practitioners to generate and manage Soul Contract charts.

This Soul Contract Reading next generation state of the art web based software, that runs on most devices with a browser, including Windows and Mac computers, tablets and smartphones on and offline, is designed for practitioners and non-practitioners to generate and manage Soul Contract charts.

For practitioners it analyses names of:

  • Birth
  • Overlay
  • Name optimisation
  • Business
  • Website names


To powerfully enhance your experience of bringing the Truth of your clients’ lives into reality for them.

For ‘Your Soul Contract Decoded‘ book readers:

It gives you the ability to accurately and quickly generate Soul Contract Charts for names which are in written English as its pronounced for yourself, friends and family. Click here for assistance with the phonetics for non-English names (to add link)

4 Free Name Generations

If you would like to experience the power of this software, we would like to offer you a free trial which includes all of its functionality, with 4 free name generations. Soul Contract Reading Training Practitioners who are attending a training, receive additional free names and upgrades depending on the package they are on.

We offer 3 different user packages:

  • Bronze: is for new practitioners just commencing birth chart readings and book readers who have used up their free trial allowance of 4 names.
  • Silver: is for those commencing delivering relationship overlay readings and book readers who want to generate a lot of charts.
  • Gold: is for power users generating a high volume of birth, overlay, business and web site charts. We are grateful for your interest in supporting and expanding the Soul Contract Body of Knowledge into the world.

Introduction to the Soul Contract Reader Software

Learn how to use the software - duration 5 mins

Soul Contract Reader Software

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For users of the old Windows based Stand-alone and Excel software

The old software has become obsolete as it no longer runs properly due to Windows updates over the past few years. This is something we have no control over and unfortunately cannot fix.

We have tried our best to keep it going for as long as possible but after 4 years of doing this have made a decision to replace it with this new web based version. It is backwards compatible and will allow you to import your .xls and .txt client chart files from the old version of the software.