Ancestral Karma Vow Breaks

Ancestral Karma Vow Breaks

Do you feel like you are carrying patterns, ways of thinking, health issues which are coming from your ancestors or genetic lineage?

This can make you feel very heavy, stuck and unable to achieve what you really are here to do.

This process was recently channelled, to facilitate the freeing up of your soul’ energy so you can achieve your highest potential and live in your light. It is very easy and graceful what is more it can also heal your family connections and your ancestors.

Do you feel a need to accelerate your progression through your Soul Contract?

This technique directly accesses and dissolves primary karmic patterns and enhances the talents and goals in your Soul Contract to accelerate your growth. Vow break and infusion processes, DNA surgery and Reconnective Therapy techniques are used to:

  • Accelerate the dissolution of layers of karmic programming specific to your Soul Contract. The amount dissolved depends on the amount of emotional transformation work you have undertaken
  • Accelerate the manifestation of your talents and goals and soul destiny
  • Maximise the catalytic effect of name overlay energies from all significant names and relationships in your lifetime so as to enhance your growth
"“I have been working  on clearing blockages to abundance for a good decade now and no matter what I did, I always felt that their was some powerful karmic force blocking the full flow of abundance coming to me from the Universe. I used to think, ‘this karmic load seems to be out of proportion to what one soul can generate in previous lifetimes’. When I underwent the Ancestral Karmic Vow Breaks process, as a demo client at the Advanced Lightbody Integration Training Module 1,within a week my phone didn’t stop ringing and my email was full with requests for client bookings. I am now having trouble keeping up with all my communications. It turned out it I was processing my ancestor’s heavy karmic issues around money and abundance. Now that was clear, the floodgates could open to the flow for me. Because I am now more relaxed about the flow, even more comes.”"

David, Surrey, United Kingdom

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Prerequisite: Basic Lightbody Integration Work

This is essential so that you have raised the frequency of your energy system sufficiently so you can cope with the enormous power of these vow breaks

Sessions are available either in person or by phone within the UK and internationally

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