Soul Contract Report Case Study

Case study: Michael William Sampson

We are going to undertake a brief interpretation of MICHAEL WILLIAM SAMPSON. This is a composite name based on the real life experiences of clients we have worked with at the Center for Conscious Ascension, to make this as real as possible for you. The interpretations are a selection of key points based upon the extensive in-depth layered interpretations contained in the sample Full PDF Report. They aim to give you an initial feel for the essence of what each set of aspect numbers actually means. The key points of interpretation for each number in a given aspect will also be shown.

The seven aspects

Physical Karma 11-2
Physical Talents 21-3
Physical Goals 5-5
Spiritual Karma 13-4
Spiritual Talents 8-8
Spiritual Goals 10-1
Soul Destiny 14-5

Physical Karma: 11-2

When Michael was young, he felt lost and did not understand how life worked. At school, he found it hard to assimilate new concepts and ideas. Things had to be presented to him in different ways so that he could grasp what they meant. But once he had assimilated the information into his own structure of truth, he got it and could really run with it. Outwardly he did not appear to be that quick mentally, but underneath this he was very bright and intelligent. The main lesson of the karmic 11 in this aspect is to learn to discern what was true for him out of all the ideas and concepts coming to him and to build his own structure of truth out of this. Because of this initial lack of discernment on what energies to assimilate, Michael ended up as the emotional processing unit for the family when he was a child, taking on all of their unresolved emotional issues that they did not want to feel and address. As a result, the negative emotional load he is carrying is way above average. He could not tell what were his emotional issues and which ones belonged to others. These needed to be flushed out of his system so that he could access the truth of the authentic Michael underneath all of this.

The other major karmic experience of the 11 is the Double Letter energies of life and death, where the soul manifests death in many different ways in the personality’s life to create a shock to trigger a transformation into a higher state of consciousness. In Michael’s case, his mother died of cancer when he was five years old. This changed him permanently as he was very close her.

The sensitive karmic 2 is all about learning emotional resiliency, and initially any emotional shock would throw him completely off balance. When his mother died, the trauma of it caused him to hit the emotional buffers, and he stayed there for a long time as it was just too much for him. It took him many years to recover from this as he developed his emotional resiliency. He came out of the shock totally transformed as he had moved to a higher state of truth with the 11.

The 2 is also about exploring the energies of wisdom and foolishness. This is where Michael used to act impulsively upon his first emotional response to a situation and often ended up finding he had made a foolish decision. If he had just paused and waited a while, spending some time observing and feeling the energy of a situation, he would have discerned the truth of what was really going on. For with the 2, his perception of the truth of a given situation initially changes by the minute; only with ongoing presence and observation of that situation does the real objective truth reveal itself to him. Once he got to this point, Michael could then move into a place of wisdom in his decision making.

Michael became an architect, a builder of physical structures in the world. This is the outward manifestation of the physical karmic 11-2 which faces the challenge of learning how to build outer structures of truth – in this case, in the form of buildings. From all the design ideas and concepts coming to him he had to discern what is the truth that he wished to express in the outer world.

Key points of the 11: Learning to discern and build own structure of truth, life and death

Key points of the 2: Learning emotional resiliency, exploring foolishness in order move towards wisdom


Physical Talents: 21-3

Michael always enjoyed taking on big challenges in life. This is what the 21 is all about: it creates a series of ongoing, large-scale challenges for people to really get their teeth into. It helps them build great inner strength as they endure and overcome the challenges. The first big emotional challenge for Michael was his mother’s death, which, while painful, also built great emotional strength within him that was to serve him well in adult life.

Architecture can be challenging as a profession, especially for someone with a physical karmic 11-2, as learning about and building new structures is such a big challenge in itself. But this was the path Michael’s soul was determined to pursue, and he eventually designed and built innovative, high-value, residential and commercial buildings. The 21 also manifested in this process through having to reconcile his essential nature as a sensitive builder of ideas (11-2) with the demands for a cost-effective building completed on time and to budget. Michael developed a lot of inner strength through having to endure the challenges and hardships of the project management of all the different people and elements required to construct his buildings to his and his clients’ satisfaction.

The 3 is all about the communication of inner soul concepts from the depths of his being into the outer reality. Michael loved communicating his architectural ideas very clearly to those he worked with. He eventually became a part-time teacher of architecture at the local university as well as running his architectural practice. He wrote articles and books about his profession and became a leading spokesman for it. The 3 is a natural, strong leader, and in his early years Michael found it hard to work underneath someone else. As soon as he was able to, he set up his own practice so that he could be the one in charge as he always felt that he knew the best decisions to make.

In his personal life, Michael initially had to overcome a feeling of unworthiness deep within him to be loved in order to access the great depth of feeling and knowledge of his soul. Once he had done this, he was able to really tap into his feelings and emotions and would always seek relationships of great depth with those who were close to him personally. He was not interested in superficial relationships at all.

Key points of the 21: Ability to endure and overcome big challenges to build great inner strength

Key points of the 3: Accessing deep wisdom and inner concepts from within and communicating them to the outer world from a place of natural leadership


Physical Goals: 5-5

Michael was always very sensitive, intuitive and psychic from as early as he can remember, as his mind was open to his soul. He could also naturally read people’s minds. It was all about learning to use his highly attuned intuition properly and not succumb to the temptation to manipulate people with it. This extremely psychic energy ungrounded him a lot. Working with buildings in the physical material world helped him become more grounded.

In his outer world, the 5-5s are all about being the pioneer for Michael. He would always want to stretch his architectural expression to the absolute limit using the latest cutting-edge technologies and ideas for building innovative spaces for his clients. They were a statement of his deeply held inner truth which he had been building over many years with his physical karmic 11-2 and which the 3 of the physical talent 21-3 wanted to express to the world.

His pioneering designs consisted of a synthesis of Vaastu (Ref 7) concepts and Sacred Geometry (Ref 8) for the layout of house and commercial building spaces to maximize the beneficial use of the spiritual energies flowing into his clients’ lives. Vaastu is a highly conscious, ancient Vedic science from India about how the layout of a house or building on a property affects the five elements of Earth, Air, Water, Fire and Sky (space) as they come into the owner’s/occupant’s lives. One half of your life is created by your Soul Contract. The other half is created by the layout of your primary home and property, which is part of the manifestation of your Soul Contract. Michael developed this pioneering work, in conjunction with his wife Stephanie, to create spaces that would maximize their clients’ conscious development and success at all levels in their lives.

When Michael started his architectural practice, part of him feared stepping out and expressing the pioneering, revolutionary designs that made his heart sing, and he held back showing these proposals to his clients. Instead, he watered down these ideas to make them more acceptable to his clients out of some subconscious fear that they would persecute him in some way for expressing his real truth. This was the result of having a very strict, emotionally abusive father in his childhood who always put him down when Michael spoke his real truth. This was frustrating for him, and as he gained more life and work experience, he became more daring, threw caution to the wind and developed the courage to start expressing the designs which were his real truth. His clients initially gave a mixed response to this as they found these ideas very challenging because they were so new and unorthodox. However, as Michael grew in confidence, they started to accept these revolutionary design concepts, and he became well known for them. This was what drew new clients to him as they knew he could pull off the challenge of realizing them into physical reality and make a real statement about their businesses through the buildings they owned. In his university teaching post, Michael eventually became a highly acclaimed professor at the architectural school, a teacher of teachers. He taught the future lecturers at the school.

In his personal life, Michael always sought to express the truth; again, in this area, it was challenging to start with, especially in love relationships. However, he found that nothing less than this was satisfying to him, and he really resonated and connected with partners who were moving into their truth. He wanted them to take him exactly as he was, no hiding, no deceptions, no trying to pretend he was someone he wasn’t in order to get them to stay with him. He would rather they left and have someone else turn up who could handle their own truth as well as his in a relationship.

Key points of the 5: Learning to trust intuition, step out into the world to be a courageous pioneer and express their truth


Spiritual Karma: 13-4

The 13 was the key defining energy for Michael’s life. The spiritual karmic challenge of this energy was to surrender into the flow of the Divine Feminine energy of God. His soul set up a total disconnection from this energy through the traumatic experience of his mother dying when he was five years old. At all levels of his being, Michael felt that the Divine Feminine archetype, in the form of his mother, had totally abandoned him in life, and his heart closed down. He put up a stone wall of protection around it so he would not get hurt that badly ever again. His first partners perceived him to be hard-hearted as a result, even though he was very sensitive for a man due to the 2 within the physical karmic 11-2 and the Physical Goals 5-5. He made an early decision in life not to have children as he did not want them to go through the devastating loss of a parent that he had been through.

This is also linked to the 4 which is all about learning to trust in the flow of God/the Universe in life. This includes the flow of love, ideas, concepts, money and nature, with the ultimate expression of nature being the creation of children. Deep down, Michael felt that there would never be enough love in his life so he had none to spare for anyone else, especially children. This made him quite selfish when he was younger.

When he first started to have relationships, his girlfriends complained that he always wanted to do the things he wanted to do, that he was not prepared to share more of himself with them. This drove many of them away and also other friends, leaving Michael feeling isolated.

Then he met Stephanie Margaret Megan Taylor, who gave him the unconditional love that he so deeply desired. This gradually melted the stone wall around his heart, and for the first time since the death of his mother, Michael felt truly loved again by the Divine Feminine energy.

Key points of the 13: Opening the heart to love

Key points of the 4: Trusting in the flow of the Universe/ God/Life


Spiritual Talents: 8-8

While Michael was ungrounded at times with the Physical Goals 5-5, another part of him was grounded with the Spiritual Talent 8-8. These made him very home orientated as he needed a stable, long-term base that grounded and stabilized him so that he could then move out into the world to do his work. The 8-8s indicate that he is quite a high-frequency soul that has to work hard to relate to the emotional and energetic heaviness of Earthly, incarnate life.

When he hit his mid to late 30s, Michael’s clairvoyant abilities started to come online. This meant he could see the future. He could tune in to a situation and know the truth of it and what was going to happen. This was useful when bidding for architectural contracts as it enabled him to fine-tune his bids to give him the best possible chance of succeeding as he knew what the outcome would be for each variation on a proposal.

The 8-8s in this aspect enabled him to use his spiritual energies to serve people in society. He had the ability to relate to all types of people, which was useful as an architect project-managing a vast range of different contractors, clients and staff in the creation of his innovative buildings, especially as each group of people had their own viewpoint on how it should be done. He was always reaching out to people and managed to connect and relate to them all in a way that exactly fitted each individual involved. This resulted in his projects running relatively smoothly most of the time.

Key points of the 8: Ability to be emotionally grounded and to reach out and connect to all types of people


Spiritual Goals: 10-1

These energies in a spiritual goal aspect are all about Michael bringing his male and female energies within him into balance. The death of his mother meant that he did not get a long-term transmission of the Feminine energies. His father, who was very strict as a single parent, had gone too far with his need to keep Michael under control. The resulting emotional and mental abuse scarred Michael, especially because he was so sensitive from his physical karmic 11-2 and his Physical Goals 5-5. This resulted in his male energy being suppressed as he felt like a victim of his father’s behaviour. It took him into a place of victimhood and feeling helpless as a man, where he did not know how to properly access and express his male energy. He felt like there was a big hole emotionally in his life and was forever searching for a pure transmission of clean Father/Man energy to fill it. He tried to reconnect with his father at a human emotional level many times throughout his life, but his father was always distant and talked about superficial things. He just did not have the ability to be what Michael needed. They would never have a real man-to-man, heart-to-heart, connected, open conversation about the deep issues in their lives, especially in their father-son relationship that really mattered to Michael. Michael found this extremely frustrating, and emotionally he forever felt like a boy inside, searching for Father energy, a blessing from his father. But it never came.

Then one day, a close friend who had a big influence on the direction of Michael’s life, Alan Jonathan Wyldman, introduced him to men’s work. At the age of 38, Michael attended a weekend workshop called the Mankind Project, New Warrior Training Adventure (Ref 9). This was based on the book Iron John by Robert Bly (Ref 10), the mythopoetical journey of emotional initiation of a boy into becoming a man. For the first time in his life, he received from the workshop leaders the pure transmission of Father energy directly into his body. He could relax now: the big emotional hole his father could never fill was beginning to be filled. Michael finally felt what it was like to be an emotionally initiated man. He had been blessed by the workshop leaders, something he thought would never happen in his lifetime. He had come into his mature initiated male energy and could express it in integrity in his service in the world. This is of utmost importance to someone with 10-1s.

Stephanie, his wife, brought in the transmission of the feminine energy that Michael was deficient in from the early loss of his mother. As their love grew through the years, and he opened his heart to her, his female energy also came into balance. We will examine their relationship and family dynamics in much greater depth in a future book on Relationship and Name Overlays and another one on Families and Parenting for their children.

Now that Michael was getting his male and female energies up and running and into balance, this freed up much of his life force energy which his ego had been suppressing and enabled him to access so much more of the high God-like spiritual energies of the 10-1s. He rose in consciousness and started to meditate regularly, as he realised how important the reconnection to his true spiritual nature was. This continuous dissolution of the layers of separation between himself at a human-ego personality level and his soul meant he gradually, over many years, became the walking, talking, feeling expression of his soul. When his soul had a thought or feeling, Michael experienced the same thought and feeling at exactly the same time. He was moving gradually into a state of full soul consciousness that would eventually allow him to express the full spectrum of his Soul Destiny/Life Purpose.

Key points of the 10: Bringing male female energies back into balance and being open to soul consciousness

Key points of the 1: Coming back into fully unified, stable, integrated male power


Soul Destiny: 14-5

Michael’s Soul Destiny was to produce spiritual material in some form in writing, to bring to the world new, pioneering spiritual techniques. This would flow from his intuitive channel in the form of the Physical Goals 5-5 and the Spiritual Goals 14-5. The energy of the 14 created lots of emotionally intense relationships for Michael which were very disorientating. Out of this intensity, where those he was relating to would reflect back to him parts of himself he was not previously aware of, he would get to know much more about who he truly was. His motto was ‘I relate, therefore I am’. His spiritual writing was to be a product of his own personal life experience of blending the spiritual concepts of Vaastu and Sacred Geometry into his buildings.

Key points of the 14: Reflected being, knowing oneself through relationship

Key points of the 5: Expressing new spiritual material from intuitive channe