Understanding your Soul Contract Report

How to understand your Soul Contract Report once you have received it.


A Summary Report

Gives you a one page overview of what your life is all about. We recommend you:

  1. Start with the “Chart” PDF we sent you, as it gives you a top level overview of how your birth chart works.
  2. Followed by the Summary Report itself which  is designed to give you a one page taster of what it actually means.
  3. To go into more depth we recommend you upgrade to a Full PDF Report


A Full PDF Report

Is structured to give you an in-depth look at what your Soul Contract is about using a layered interpretation approach.

If you purchase your Full PDF report before our planned upgrade provisionally scheduled for 26 April 2023, we strongly recommend you follow these steps which take you through a structured process for getting the most out of your Soul Contract Report, especially if you are new to this work and haven’t read the book Your Soul Contract Decoded which your Report is based upon. Otherwise all the guidance you need is now integrated within the new upgraded Full PDF Report:


  1. Start with the “Welcome” section on page 1
  2. Have a look at the “Chart” PDF we sent you, as it gives you a top level overview of how your birth chart works.
  3. Then start at the “How Soul Contract Reading Works” section, the 24th page before the end of the Full PDF Report and read through to the 4th page before the end as PDF report length varies. This outlines the key principles of how the soul contract reading system works to generate your chart.
  4. Followed by the “In a Nutshell” Section on pages 3-4 which present the highlights of your interpretations.
  5. Now its time to go through your In-depth Interpretations that start at page 5 which are presented in layers in a top down manner. (Also good for Your Soul Contract Decoded book readers needing a quick refresher on interpreting your chart if you have been away from the book for a while.) Initially, we will describe the top-level meaning of each number, in the Karma, Talent and Goal aspects of your chart, so that you can connect with the essence of each number. As you start to do this, the differences in the qualities, power and levels of consciousness of each number will start to become apparent. Subsequent deeper levels of interpretations will look at the meaning of your numbers specifically in the Physical Karma,Talent and Goal aspects, then the Spiritual Karma, Talent and Goal aspects as well as the Soul Destiny. We will also go even deeper through the examination of additional pathways of interpreting the numbers, including the symbols associated with them, directions, bodily organs, astrological signs and planetary influence, and bodily functions.
  6. You may not get all of the meaning of the interpretations straight away because of the level of truth they resonate at. It takes time to assimilate them. Therefore it is necessary to revisit the different layers of interpretations several times in order for it to enter your consciousness more fully. This is fine and is the normal process for learning this work. We would like to emphasize to you that practice makes perfect. Just allow it to gently percolate in; there is no need to create strain in this process. We suggest you go with your natural learning flow here. Be patient. When you do, this will pay great dividends, as you will get the result you are seeking which is the full decoding of your Soul Contract and the understanding of the Spiritual Map of your life so you can then get on and fully live it.
  7. Now, have a look through your Full PDF Report interpretations to get a feel for their energies. This is where we will put together all that you have learnt so far so that you can interpret your chart. So far, it may feel like there are many disparate pieces of information floating around that are seemingly unconnected. You are now going to put together your Soul Contract, the Spiritual Map of your life, find out where you are on it, and learn how to overcome the issues on your map that have been blocking you from moving forward in life as follows:
    7.1. If you have double numbers, e.g. 8-8 or 3-3, in karma, then you have no free will in this aspect. Your soul has chosen a specific set of energies for you to work through.
    7.2. If you have double numbers that are in Talents, then that energy is highly emphasized as an attribute.
    7.3. If there are 5 to 6 double numbers in your chart, your life expression is going to be rigid, and this can lead to you to becoming very insecure. You will have got used to being confined to limited energy patterns. It can feel like you are travelling through a thick-walled transparent glass tube in life.
    You can see lots of nice things you would like to experience, but slide right by them and cannot actually engage with them.
    7.4. If there are very spiritual energies in your physical talent position, then you may need to optimise your name by changing it, to get more of the right energies to infuse as an overlay through the physical part of the chart and ground the energies. Otherwise, your energies may not flow and you may become stuck in life: for example, 5-5s in Physical Talents are a fine etheric energy trying to function in the dense 3rd dimensional Earthly reality. This is usually without much success unless the key strength of the 5-5, which is intuition, is used to primarily function in the physical world.
    7.5. Dominant Vibration: If there are four or more of the same numbers in your chart, in any aspect including the Soul Destiny, this becomes the Dominant Vibration. It means that you will be exposed heavily to these energies. You can have up to three of these.
    7.6. The Word is a progressive story, used for the Dominant Vibration. Read it aloud to yourself at the end of the interpretation. If there are multiple Dominant Vibrations, you should read them in ascending numerical order as they will build on each other.
    7.7. The Master Numbers 3, 7, 12, 13 and 18 come with greatly increased power in all aspects; they make particularly challenging karmic aspects to be overcome.
    7.8. Your Soul Contract will put into context all of the experiences you have already had in life so that you can bring understanding as to why these seemingly disparate events occurred.
    7.9. If you have 20–25 letters in your name, this can lead to confusion as there are too many energies running and you are experiencing the energies of all the different letters. As a result, you may be the jack of all trades, never really settling down and focusing as you need to nourish all the different energies that are running.
    7.10. In the above case you would need to optimize the name to reduce the number of letters to between 15 to 18, but no less than ten phonetics, to ensure it does not become a short name which has too few sounds and which would limit your life expression.
    7.11. Nicknames basically have the effect of preventing the full expression of your soul energies by limiting the scope of energies you can work and express through. These are not recommended for common daily use.
    7.12. The talents act as the fulcrum or pivotal points to help you move from the karmic experiences to the goals. Your talents determine if you have enough power to overcome the karma and achieve the goals.
    7.13. Here are some key talent fulcrum interactions you need to be aware of with the effect of their infusion into their associated karmic and goal aspects.
    7.13.1. If there are the same numbers in e.g. Physical Talents and Physical Karma or Physical Talents and Physical Goals, then you definitely have the ability to work through the karma or come into the positive qualities of the goals as the positive energy of the talents perfectly matches the negative energies of the karma or goals.
    7.13.2. The 17-8 and 8-8 are perfect for grounding the etheric 14-5 and 5-5. The Taurean grounded nature of the 15-6 and 6-6 also performs the same function, but not quite so strongly.
    7.13.3. The enormous power and catalytic nature of the 18-9 and 9-9 help you work through every other number.
    7.13.4. The objectivity of 16-7 and 7-7 helps the unfocused 15-6 or 6-6 to focus.
    7.13.5. The focus of the 15-6 or the 6-6 helps the indecisive 16-7 or 7-7 to make a decision on what is the right course of action.
    7.13.6. The objectivity of the 16-7 and 7-7 helps the 2 component of the 11-2 see the truth of what is really going on in someone’s life. This also works the other way with the symbolic height of the 2s, giving the indecisive nature of the 7s some objectivity on deciding what to do.
    7.13.7. The finality and solution of the 18-9 helps overcome the indecision of the 7-7 and 16-7. The 16-7 and 7-7 objectivity and ability to catalyse energies into action helps the 18-9 finalize decisions.
    7.13.8. The 13-4 is good for infusing into 12-3, chilling them out, slowing down the need to always expand
    7.13.9.The ability to express hidden authentic feelings and thoughts of the 7 in the 16-7 and 7-7 brings the 3 of the 12-3 and 3-3 out of its hidden depth and vice versa.
    These interactions are covered in much more depth in a Live Reading.
    7.14. As you get older, the energies of the physical and spiritual aspects of your Soul Contract begin to flow between each other. This only occurs if you have worked through your karmic aspects and activated your talents.
    7.15. If your karma is identical in both physical and spiritual aspects, this leads to an intense experience. This requires strong talent energies to overcome.
    7.16. If there are the same numbers in Spiritual Karma and Physical Goals, you have to work through your Spiritual Karma first to reach your Physical Goals
    Go through all of the points in the Interpretation Methodology above to see which ones apply to you and write down the relevant ones.
  8. What is presented in the Full PDF Report are all the interpretations for each aspect. You may have already worked through some of them and others you have yet to get to in your life progression. As a result, at this point in your spiritual journey, you may only resonate with a subset of them which is perfectly normal, just highlight them on your Full PDF report and be present with the truth that is being revealed to you. These form the essence of the meaning of your Soul Contract Chart.
  9. Now, slowly read through your highlighted interpretations from Physical Karma, Physical Talents sequentially all the way to Soul Destiny. Think of them as key word/phrases that feed into this overall story of your life. Feel into this story that is being told to you by your soul. Write down the realisations and connections between the various highlighted interpretations and between the aspects that come to you.
  10. Note the relevant gateways, directions and the organs.
  11. Draw the symbols shown on your Star of David chart yourself on a separate sheet of paper. This will draw down the energies of the numbers and will help you tune into them.
  12. Go into the more in depth aspect specific interpretations
  13. We are building up the interpretation of your Soul Contract Chart in layers with the Full PDF Report so it gradually takes on more depth.
  14. Now step back and take a look at the bigger picture of your life, at what you have been creating for yourself, as the energy flows from Physical Karma, Talents and Goals, into Spiritual Karma, Talents and Goals, and onto the Soul Destiny.
  15. If you have four or more of the same number in your chart (Dominant Vibration), read out loud the relevant Word section at the end of the interpretation section of the Full PDF Report 26 pages before the end of the Full PDF Report.
  16. Highlight the recommendations that resonate on how to work through all the aspects, especially for overcoming your karma, bringing your talents online, achieving your goals and manifesting your Soul Destiny.
  17. If you would like to go deeper into how the system works and also learn more about the spiritual philosophy that underlies it, check out the book Your Soul Contract Decoded.


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