Lotus Surgeon Lightbody Forum

The Lotus Surgeon Lightbody Forum (LSL)

Held every 4 months and is specifically designed for all the Lightbody Surgeons we have trained.

The Forum aims to:

  •     Have mutual support
  •     Share expertise, new discoveries and processes
  •     Build our collective knowledge base
  •     Learn and grow together
  •     Enhance your ability to hold space and stay in balance as a surgeon


The purpose of this forum is the ongoing development and evolution of this great body of work, to continue to serve humanity for the Ascension.

We will also be creating a Community of Lightbody Surgeons which has never been done before.

Lightbody can attract all sorts of unusual clients who have a multitude of issues. Nicolas and Ahlmeirah have supported each other in this work for 20 years, and it has been invaluable, providing support, a safe sounding board, reassurance and objectivity. We have basically been supporting and mentoring each other

And now, we want to extend this to all of you.

Being a lightbody surgeon can be a very isolating and lonely process as there are so few of us on planet earth and very few people can relate to what we do.

At times, we may feel to offer a new process to the group, such as the Elohim activation that was shared in December.

Each group is tailored to the individual needs of participants and covers all aspects of the Lightbody Integration work. We have a shared experience of over 45 years of development and practice of this work and we want to make this available to you.

Of course, some of the attendees have also built a significant body of experience which we are excited to learn about and welcome to this forum.

Next Forum: 15 September 2022

Facilitators: Nicolas David Ngan & Ahlmeirah Ariel Hallaire

Venue: Easy to use Zoom Video Web Conferencing

Exchange: 1 x 2 hour session

Fee: £25 Currency Converter

Time: 2-4pm UK time, 3-5pm CET, 9-11am EST, 8-10am CST, 7-9am MST, 6-8am PST

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