Divine Healing Support Programme Level 2

Divine Healing Support Programme
Level 2

The follow on Divine Healing Support Programme is specifically designed for those who have completed Level 2 and are now ready to take this work out into the world.

Think of this as Part 2 of the training where we transition you from the safe 5D bubble of the four day Part 1 training and help you develop your Confidence, Proficiency and Mastery in using the Divine Healing work.

This will enable you to integrate it into your business and launch it out into the 3D market place so you can successfully deliver this gift of service to your clients and grow your business in the process.

We will:

  • Continue to build a Community which is a safe loving space to share issues and challenges following the training
  • Maintain a forum for arranging peer practice / support pairing

You will receive:

  • Support
  • Encouragement
  • Understanding
  • Answers to your questions
  • Taster healings from other Divine Healing Levels
  • Access to 14 years of experience in all levels of Divine Healing
  • Group healing

Each group is tailored to the individual needs of participants; common topics are:

  • Reframing (replacing a program that has been cleared with a new positive
  • Practical steps for giving Level 2 sessions
  • Client experiences and expectations

What do our students say about the Divine Healing Level 2 Support Programme?

Testimonials 5th February 2024

Next Support Programme: February - May 2024

An online training with Amanda Kanini-Dyer
4 consecutive monthly 2 hour sessions totalling 8 hours

Dates: 20th February, 26th March, 30th April and 28th May 2024

Times 20th February: 4-6pm UK time, 11am-1pm EST, 10am-12pm CST, 9-11am MST, 8-10am PST, 5-7pm CET

Times 26th March: 4-6pm UK time, 12-2pm EDT, 11am-1pm CDT, 10am-12pm MDT, 9-11am PDT, 5-7pm CET

Times 30th April and 28th May: 4-6pm UK time, 11am-1pm EDT, 10am-12pm CDT, 9-11am MDT, 8-10am PST, 5-7pm CET

Prerequisite: Divine Healing Master Key: Level 1

Location: ONLINE via Zoom Web conferencing

Fees: Full Fee: £193

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Payment plan available: Typically 3 x monthly payments of £64.34 (approx US$82)

You may have the option of using PayPal Pay Later at checkout on the registration form (select paypal checkout) provided you meet Paypal’s credit check criteria and that this service is available in your country.

If you can’t make all the times shown.

You can still post your questions on the dedicated Facebook Support Programme group as text or preferably a loom.com screen, sharing video links and they will be answered in the live sessions. You will get access to all the session videos.

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