Divine Healing Training Level 3

Divine Healing Training
Level 3 – Master Key to Ascension

Reconnecting to and embodying Spirit is the theme of this course, which is at a higher frequency than the Level 2.

The initiation you will receive will take you deeper into your healing and empowerment. It will develop your intuition and your power as a healer to another level. It will help you to love yourself more and embody the greatness that you are, thus assisting to create heaven on earth.
The basis of all self healing techniques is primarily to learn ways to love ourself, to being to value ourself and love that which we are in truth. In Level 3, we work to access the 5th dimensional concepts of wholeness and the ending of duality. This allows the clearings and activations to happen much more gracefully.

Here are some of the topics included in Divine Healing Training Level 3:

  • Birth and womb time traumas/issues
  • Weight, Food and Hunger issues
  • Clearing limiting self judgements
  • Moving forward on your path of growth
  • Letting go of limiting attachments
  • Soul Level programming
  • Healing Neurological responses and behaviours
  • Clearing Drug imprints
  • Encoding healing Pomanders
  • Cranial balancing
  • Balancing Rhythms and cycles
  • Very deep fixes to overcome suppressions
  • Youthing and healing ageing programming
  • Neurological reflex points
  • Healing the Doshas
  • Energising the spinal gateways
  • Clearing religious programming

And much more…

Shifts among those who have taken these workshops and are using the material regularly are noticeable. This is experienced as greater clarity, connection to Spirit, empowerment and aliveness.

"I have found during the use of the Divine Healing tool that it is a key to what lies within the soul, in fact, a doorway into soul freedom and liberation when consistently applied. It is such an easy tool to use, yet provides profound results. When I attend a Divine Healing workshop, I personally receive healing on many levels and as well facilitate anothers healing which is a great gift and honour to serve spirit in this way. In the Divine Healing Level 3 workshop, I was able to facilitate a soul's re-birth which was so exquisite and extraordinary, to feel, sense and see how beautiful birthing can be. I was deeply touched and transformed by the experience and I was able to see another aspect of motherhood that was previously hidden from me. I am waiting in great anticipation for DH Level 4 and the additional gifts that it will bring into my life and the lives of others that are drawn to me.   "

Star Christina Blessyng, Brisbane, Australia

Interested in Divine Healing Level 3 Training?

An online 4 day training offered by our sister business, The Centre of Love & Enlightenment.

Teacher: Ahlmeirah Ariel Hallaire
Prerequisite: Divine Healing Master Key Level 2

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