Thursday, April 29, 2010

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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Optimising Business Names To Maximise Success

Most people in business spend their time desperately chasing all sorts of potential customers and trying to get them to say yes to their products and services.

This is really hard work with small returns and is so soul destroying. You are probably very familiar with this.

There is a much easier way. This is where we help people manifest their Soul Destiny out in the world through optimising the flow of energy from the birth name and the current/optimal name into their
  1. business names
  2. products and services names
  3. website addresses
  4. email addresses
  5. interpersonal relationships with staff and business associates
which will then radiate out the optimal attraction energy to draw enthusiastic customers from the niche market they are addressing who are very eager to do business because trust has already been built energetically.

We've found that optimising the Center For Conscious Ascension business and web name using Soul Contract Business Reading process resulted in people finding us cold from Google and all sorts of other places that we didn't even know about because we got the attracting energy right. They came to us as if their best friend had referred them.

Building trust with a customer is priceless and normally takes quite some time, but because of the optimal attracting energy we have been using, our customers were much more ready to commit immediately to working with us.

Click here to listen to Nicolas' February 11, 2010 interview Maximising Success In Business With Soul Contracts


Friday, November 20, 2009

Heavenly Support

We all have "bad" days. Days when we feeel tired, overwhelmed, sad, angry, frightened, worried and all the rest. Sometimes we go through difficult periods such as a relationship break-up, a bereavement, work problems, financial stress. When we feel these emotions, our frequency drops and it makes it more difficult to rise out of the difficulty. We can fell trapped in our negative thinking and feeling.

A simple way I find of changing the energy is to focus on something that is inspiring to you. This could be an Ascended Master, an Angel, someone you find inspiring (e.g. Gandhi, Mother Teresa), or simply a quality like Love or Beauty.

Recently, I got ill from eating bad fish and as a result I became quite toxic. I decided to do a liver cleanse to clean out the toxins. After that, I had a day of feeling very heavy, tired, confused, unworthy. I was detoxing emotionally. I decided not to allow those feelings to take me over and to focus on that which inspires me. I feel very inspired by Jesus Christ, or Sananda as he is known in his Ascended state (I am not a "Christian"). He had so much courage to come to Earth when the consciousness of humanity was so low and his message of Love and Compassion is so powerful. He succeeded in embodying Divinity in a Human body. I connected to Sananda's energy perhaps 10 times that day, and again on going to sleep.

The next day I awoke in a state of spontaneous Bliss and Gratitude. I thanked Sananda for his support.

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Friday, October 9, 2009

What Is The Lightbody?

The Lightbody is the 5th dimensional energetic bridge between the Higher Self in the higher dimensions and the human physical and energetic bodies (emotional, mental and spiritual) and personality consciousness. It is composed of sound, light, colour and geometries. It holds the template for us to return to our true nature as beings of Light. We normally look something like the glowing white ETs in the movie Cocoon.

When we first incarnate the Lightbody is normally dormant. We feel disconnected from Spirit/God/All That Is. The Ascension process requires us to reactivate the Lightbody so we can fully reconnect to Spirit/God/All That Is. This involves clearing all the energetic structures, programming and beings keeping us asleep in unconsciousness in the Game of Separation from Spirit. The rebuilding of the pathways that will reconnect us energetically and consciously to our Higher Self can then commence.

We also need to let go all the illusory ego emotional separation programming that creates the story of our lives. When the time is right the Higher Self will send specific encodements into our Lightbody to turn us into beings of Light again and transcend this third dimensional Earthly reality and take full memory of this experience of being so separate from God back with us. This is true immortality, the preservation of memory. Normally when we transcend dimensions, those who cannot cope with the consciousness shift loose all memory of the third dimension during the transition.

Lightbody Integration work has been brought to Earth due to humanity’s request to the Karmic Board of Earth for a means to dismantle the Game of Separation as every experience that Spirit/All That Is desired to have by playing this Game has been completed. It comes from outside the rules of the Earthy Matrix, as a karmic dispensation, in order to dismantle the Matrix. We only need to have the square root of 1% of the World’s population (less than 8000 people) to hit a trigger frequency of consciousness then everyone on Earth wakes up. This is because we are all connected as One via the Christ Consciousness Grid surrounding Earth.

The Lightbody is the means for us to return to our true nature which is Love.

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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Greater Wisdom of the Heart

Often in life, we are challenged by decisions which may be very hard to make. Inevitably, the mind comes up with arguments for and against every possibility and it will continue churning out more opinions, views, pros and cons until you can feel quite confused.

I have found over the years, that allowing the heart to make those decisions is the wisest course of action. The process is simple, quieten yourself and relax whatever way works for you. This may be taking a walk in nature, meditating, listening to your favourite piece of music. It is important to let go as much as possible all the mind talk around the decision with which you want clarity. When you have achieved this calm, simply visualise or feel in your body each possibility one at a time and feel what happens in your heart. The best course of action will cause the heart to expand, even though the mind may be afraid of this course of action.

This time last year, my husband and I were separating. Obviously, it was a very trying and painful time and I was faced with the choice of moving to a smaller rented property or staying in the large house we were already renting. My mind kept saying that it would be good to downsize, as the bills would be smaller and of course, on one income, that made sense. But when I checked in with my heart, I experienced a huge expansion in the chest around staying in the big house by myself.

Over the years, I have learned to trust my heart’s guidance, so I stayed, even though I did not know if I would be able to manage the bills and looking after the house on my own.

A year on, I can honestly say it has all worked out for the best.

My message to you is trust your heart, it is the wisest part of you.



Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Why The Law of Attraction “Appears” Not To Work At Times

Most people are familiar with the Law of Attraction. When you focus on something you desire in your life and feel the positive high frequency emotions around it as if its already come into manifestation, especially gratitude, it should eventually turn up in your reality. When sometimes it doesn't manifest, we think 'Hey this stuff is not working!'. Well actually the Law of Attraction is always working, its more a matter of what you are really attracting to your self. When we consciously work with the Law of Attraction, another Universal Law also activates called the Law of Opposites, which is not mentioned in the DVD "The Secret". Initially we get the opposite of what we desire. The reason for this is to give us a context, a contrasting polar opposite, for truly experiencing, valuing and feeling gratitude for our the desired manifestation.

About a year ago I needed to buy a new (well a second hand) car. I carefully focussed on the exact model and year I desired, it’s condition, one lady driver who hadn’t thrashed it too much and the maximum price I was prepared to pay. I did all my manifestation processes. I found a prospect on the internet and went to look at it. I was really disappointed. It had been a football fan’s car and they had trashed it. It smelt of smoke on the inside, the upholstery was stained, the body work was dented. I couldn’t even start it to take it for a test-drive as the battery was flat. I was in despair. “What’s gone wrong? This isn’t what I ordered from the Universe.” I said to myself on the way home. I started beating myself up. Then I remembered the Law of Opposites and stopped and said to myself “I’m actually very close to my manifestation of my perfect car. The door to it materialising in my reality is actually open right now, not closed.”

The other important thing I did was to bring consciousness to all the feelings of distrust, disbelief, despair, unworthiness and fear that had come up as a result of putting my desire out into the Universe with the Law of Attraction. I realised it was these hidden unconscious and subconscious agendas, feelings, and programs that were also creating a barrier to my manifesting my new car. They were sending out negative vibrations through the Law of Attraction to stop my car from turning up. I specifically identified these using Soul Contract Reading work. The Law of Attraction draws to us whatever it is we are sending out vibrationally to to the Universe both positive and negative vibrations. It is always ‘on’.

I needed to clear these patterns urgently or my car wouldn’t turn up. I turned to Divine Healing Master Key, which is based on “Ask and you shall receive”. It allowed me to access my Higher Self to show me what the underlying programs were that were generating all the negative vibrations. It then also allowed me to ask my Higher Self to clear these programs.

Late that evening having pulled myself out of my negative spin, I went on the internet again. Another car matching my desired specification had just been posted two hours ago. “Immaculate example” it stated. I rang up the dealer immediately and booked an appointment. When I got there at 9am sharp the next day I realised I had found my car and it was indeed in immaculate condition for it’s age, and there had been only two previous owners the last one was a lady driver who’d really treated it gently. The other thing that had happened was that the dealer had dropped the price as he was keen to shift some stock before the holidays. I brought it on the spot.

I had stepped through the door of opportunity by staying focussed on my desire, not allowed the Law of Opposites to distract me and most importantly dealt with my own unconscious programming that was also blocking my manifestation with Divine Healing Master Key. It was a real eye opening experience for me as I realised that in the Now moment I can create whatever I like by letting go the belief that what’s happened in the past determines what happens next. What happens next is entirely 100% determined on what I focus on Now and how well I clear the programming in the way of it becoming a Reality.

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