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4 July 2013 Awakening Zone Radio: Sandie Sedgbeer: Conversation at the Cutting Edge – Decoding Your Soul Contract With Nicolas David Ngan

Did you know that there is a fundamental Spiritual Map Of Your Life hidden in your name? According to this week’s guest, this map is called the Soul Contract.  What’s more, your Soul Contract not only creates each moment of your reality, but can also help you navigate it in a much more fulfilling way. 

In this episode, Nicolas David Ngan will explain how:

  • The vibrations of your name are matched with phonetic Hebrew sounds, and how these can be decoded to reveal your Soul Contract.
  • How your Soul Contract produces your physical and spiritual karma, talents and goals and your soul destiny. 
  • You can use the latent abilities of your talents to overcome karmic challenges and claim the gifts of your life
  • To manifest your soul destiny or life purpose, which is a product of all the aspects revealed in your Soul Contract

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