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05 May 2015 East West Bookstore, California: Your Soul Contract Decoded

01 March 2015 Gaiam TV Open Minds: Raising a Conscious Child

01 February 2015 Gaiam TV Open Minds: Soul Contracts and Relationships

June 2015 Virtual Light Broadcast

09 October 2015 Watkins Bookstore, London:

Changing Your Name for a Better Life,
Your Soul Contract Decoded
Your Soul Chooses Your Name


23 January 2014 Discovering The Spiritual Map of Your Life WIth Numerology on the
Conversations At The Cutting Edge Radio Show on the Awakening Zone with Sandie Sedgebeer in Arizona

30 January 2014  11:11 Talk Radio Interview with Simran Singh in South Carolina, USA

6 March 2014 Straight Talking Regarding Our Masculine and Feminine Energies  on the For the Love of Eve Radio Show on the Awakening Zone with Janelle Collard in Las Vegas
USA Book Tour

22 March 2014 Talk at Quest Book Store, New York

26 March 2014 Filmed at Gaiam TV with Regina Meredith in Boulder Colorado, USA

Open Minds: Two Souls In One Lifetime premiered on 13 May 2014

Open Minds: Decoding Your Soul Contract premiered on 20 May 2014

April 2014 Virtual Light Broadcast With Sandie Sedgebeer


















































































































































































































































































































































Open Minds: Two Souls in One Lifetime with Nicolas David Ngan

































































































































































































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10 April 2014 11:11 Talk Radio: Consciously Parenting Children
Interview with Simran Singh in South Carolina

17 April 2014 11:11 Talk Radio: Conscious Relationships and Divorce
Interview with Simran Singh in South Carolina


7 May 2014 800-900pm GMT Radio Interview:  Your Soul Contract Decoded on Awakening to Conscious Co-Creation with Host Peter Tongue

13 August 2014 Conscious Talk Radio with Brenda Michaels and Rob Spears: Your Soul Contract Decoded

12 October 2014 11-1140am Live Talk at Tree of Life Festival, Birminham, England

23 October 2014 Thrive Radio Interview with Maureen Moss: Your Soul Contract Decoded: The Spiritual Map of Your Life



Steve Nobel Podcast

8 April 2013  Radio Interview Replay "Your Soul Contract Decoded" with Harun Rabbani on
The Consciousness Revolution Show 

10 April 2013 Mastery Path Events, Manchester Talk
Your Soul Contract Decoded: A Pathway To Ascension

20 April 2013 Radio Interview Replay "Conscious Ascension" with Christine Andrew on
Enlightening Radio 

4 May 2013 Radio Show On Demand: Psychics Gone Wild – Saturday with Jethro & Nicolas David Ngan

6 June 2013 Radio Show On Demand: Psychics Gone Wild – Thursday Dena Flanagan & Nicolas David Ngan

4 July 2013 Awakening Zone Radio: Sandie Sedgbeer: Conversation at the Cutting Edge – Decoding Your Soul Contract With Nicolas David Ngan

15 August 2013 Angel Heart Radio: Navigating Life With Your Name

10 September 2013 Angel Heart Radio: Parent Your Child Consciously With Their Name

14 November 2013 Big Country Publishing Radio: Christina Winslow:
Your Soul Contract Decoded with Nicolas David Ngan


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