readings + sessions

Go deeper into the meaning of what you have learnt in the book about your Soul Contract with:

Personal Readings

Decoding the Spiritual Map of Your Life so you can align with
and manifest your soul purpose
enabling you to:

  • Understand and work through your karma
  • Express your talents
  • Manifest your goals
  • Engage with your deepest soul/life purpose
  • Understand and create better relationships

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Business Readings

A Soul Contract Business Reading maximises success in your business by ensuring that your business energies in the outer world become a naturally aligned expression of your soul's purpose.
It will help you:

  • Understand and align to your primary life challenges, abilities, drives and life purpose.
  • Refine your business goals so they are a true expression of your life purpose
  • Develop and express these qualities and goals in the outer world through your business  by  optimising the flow of spiritual energy

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Fulfillment at Work (Corporate Consulting)

  • Business is undergoing massive change where the old paradigm where business saw itself as separate from society is starting to collapse.
  • Each business is actually an integral part of society
  • Each business has a unique identifiable mission or gift of service to offer to the Whole, to society.
  • It is lack of alignment with Spiritual Intelligence, which is why some businesses don't work anymore, because they are not doing the right thing, with the right people in the right way at the right time.
  • It has been proven that businesses that focus on service have a better bottom line result than those that just focus on the bottom line.

We can help you do this through:

  • Strategic Mentoring to help you overcome your challenges, express your strengths, achieve your goals, align to your deepest life purpose and see the big picture of your life
  • Aligning your business to your life purpose
  • Developing your Inner Leadership
  • Choosing the optimal business, product, service and web site names
  • Creating a much more fulfilling work experience for your staff

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