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The purpose of this web portal is to support you in implementing the self-knowledge you have gained from Your Soul Contract Decoded: Discovering the Spiritual Map of Your Life with Numerology:

You need to have first registered then logged in before you can access the content of the portal which will eventually include:

  1. Chart downloads of the Star of David and short name triangle
  2. Soul Contract Reading Software to automate the Soul Contract Decoding Process
    (with a free trial period, followed by a small monthly payment)
  3. Non-English Phonetics Translation Matrices for Non-Engllish names
  4. Video/Audio Transmissions of the Phonetic pronunciation of Hebrew and initiations/alignments into the energies of the work so your DNA is awakened to it and you can go much deeper into the work
  5. Resources such as Astrocartography to work out the best place for you to live.
  6. Whats New keeps you updated on the latest additions to the portal like new Non-English Phonetic Translation Matrices and Events
  7. Readings and Private Sessions
  8. Trainings and Workshops to help you manifest much more of your Soul Destiny/Life Purpose so we can all Co-Create Heaven on Earth
  9. Shop with MP3 downloads to take you deeper into this work and and DVDs of book events
  10. Frequently Asked Questions about the book
  11. A Community where you will be able to join other readers, each exploring the manifestation of their Soul Contract in their own unique way, so you can learn from and support each other in this process.

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