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Chapter 1: How you create your life

  • Sound is creative
  • An experiment in consciousness
  • The dimensions we exist in
  • How you actually create your reality
  • The Law of Opposites
  • Your karma is your greatest gift
  • Your ego is attached to suffering
  • Why you are reading this book
  • The Soul Contract decoding process

Chapter 2: Decoding your birth certificate name, the Spiritual Map of your life

  • Ancient Hebrew emerges from the movement
  • and sound of God
  • The layered interpretation approach
  • The Tree of Life
  • The Mother Letters of Creation
  • The Double Letters
  • The Simple Letters
  • Number categories

Chapter 3: Methodology for creating and generating numbers

  • Generating a chart: the Star of David
  • Writing out the birth name phonetically
  • Checking for combination letters
  • Allocating the Hebrew numbers to the letters
  • Assigning the Hebrew numbers on the Star of David
  • Minimum number of phonetic sounds required
  • Calculating the six aspects of the Star of David
  • Calculating the Soul Destiny
  • Calculating the three aspects for a short name with less than ten phonetic Hebrew sounds
  • Brief interpretation of a name with ten or more phonetic sounds
  • Case study 1: Michael William Sampson
  • Brief interpretation of a short name with less than ten phonetic sounds
  • Case study 2: Bart Alan 63
  • Symbols associated with each of the 22 Hebrew numbers
  • Channelled Soul Contract Symbols

Chapter 4: Understanding the numbers: generic top-layer interpretations

  • The aspects of your Soul Contract
  • An open system of interpretation
  • Letting go of the judgement of your karma
  • Focusing on the essence of each number
  • Top-level interpretations 1–22

Chapter 5: Double Letters 1

  • The Gateways
  • The Directions

Chapter 6: Simple Letters

  • The Organs

Chapter 7: Double numbers: 1–1 to 9–9 – aspect-specific meaning

  • Deeper layers of meaning
  • A specific range of frequencies to experience

Chapter 8: Combination numbers 10–1 to 22–4 – aspect-specific meaning

  • A wider range of frequencies to experience

Chapter 9: The Word

  • Transmissions from God

Chapter 10: Recommendations

  • How to make your life happen
  • Recommendations 1–1 to 22–4
  • Living in the right place
  • Soul Contract Frequency Based Products
  • The essence of the numbers

Chapter 11: Decoding the interpretations of your Soul Contract

  • Interpretation methodology
  • Writing out your Soul Contract
  • Case studies
  • Case study chart summary for finding your numbers
  • Case study 3: Stephanie Margaret Megan Taylor
  • Case study 4: Maxine Charlotte Ethelle Sampson
  • Case study 5: Jeri Michelle Taylor
  • Case study 6: Mark Anthony Rubin
  • Case study 7: Naomi Jemma Kelliher
  • Case study 8: John William Taylor
  • Case study 9: John Arnold Ford
  • Now you know how life works
  • Family, personal, parenting and business relationships

Chapter 12: The next steps

  • Creating a more fulfilling life for yourself
  • Embracing your life to consciously heal yourself
  • You are important in the global scheme of things
  • Manifesting your divine purpose
  • Creating Heaven on Earth in your life
  • How you are changing our Earthly reality
  • In conclusion

Appendix A: Non-written English and non-English phonetics
Appendix B: More advanced applications
Appendix C: Soul Contract Readings and consultations
Appendix D: Workshops and practitioner training
Appendix E: Tools for awakening
Appendix F: Web portal for readers

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Copyright 2013 Nicolas David Ngan

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