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My Soul Contract Reading

In 1990, at the beginning of my spiritual journey of awakening, I walked into a hotel room in Phoenix, Arizona, as part of a weeklong spiritual training called the Carousel of Growth. This was for a Spiritual Numerology of Moses Reading with Frank Alper, who originally channelled this work through in the 1980s. He converted my birth certificate name into phonetic Hebrew sounds on a Star of David. Out of these phonetic sounds he extracted the equivalent Hebrew numbers. Over the next hour Frank used interpretations of these numbers to completely decode my entire life. He put all of my disparate life experiences into place, and I saw the complete order and truth that was present. My life made sense for the first time. I no longer felt lost and without direction, and I no longer felt that life was some strange mystery where seemingly random events kept happening to me. At last, I finally understood why all those things had happened, and that there was an underlying spiritual map to it all created by my soul. I had connected to my Life Purpose for the very first time, and that resonated within me at a very deep soul level. I had come home and had found myself at last.

Frank showed me that there was both a physical and spiritual component of life, and that within these components there were three aspects: karma, the set of unresolved issues from past lives, which the soul brings in to overcome in this life time; talents, initially latent, that come into consciousness to overcome the karma; and goals, which are like the underlying drive we have in life, what gets us out of bed in the morning, the dream we have come to Earth to manifest. Finally, there was the Soul Destiny, which is the sum total of all of these, the real purpose of why the soul has come to Earth.

Understanding the karmic aspects, the hard stuff I needed to face brought into my consciousness for the first time what had been holding me back. Because I had always been immersed in them for my entire life, I had never been fully conscious of them. This is like being a fish in water. It doesn’t know what water is until it is exposed to air. It was just the way my life was. During the reading, I was able to step right back and objectively see my life patterns for the very first time.

Frank explained that out of my initial shyness to express myself when I was younger, in my Physical Karma, I was here to overcome this and become a teacher, a communicator. This I have now become with the establishment of the Center for Conscious Ascension with Ahlmeirah Ariel Hallaire in 2002, which is all about communicating knowledge and tools for raising human consciousness.

My latent Physical Talents were to express the word of spirit in society in a grounded way, which has happened as I have found new ways to make higher consciousness knowledge and tools more accessible to people.

I learnt that my Physical Goals were to ground into my body and to become emotionally present and connect with people and society. Up to that point I had definitely been avoiding doing that, living in an emotionally numbed-out, isolated and disconnected state. This too has happened, and I am really enjoying being much more connected with life.

My Spiritual Karma created the experience of feeling like a victim as a child, and in my adult life, where I felt that the world and people were doing things to me all the time, I was to learn about coming fully into my power. This has come to pass, and I have become a completely different person. A lot of the focus of my spiritual service nowadays is to empower others, because I can give them a direct transmission of what they seek as I have worked through the very same issues they are facing.

My latent Spiritual Talents were to take all my multidimensional past life knowledge and experience and to share it in completeness with the world in my spiritual service. This has manifested as my becoming one of the custodians for this body of Soul Contract Reading knowledge. The continuous development and expansion of the original interpretations of the 22 Hebrew numbers that Frank originally channelled through, and the sharing of it over the past two decades, is an integral part of this. As a result, the Center for Conscious Ascension has become the primary source of this work in the English-speaking world. We have over 33 years of working experience in delivering readings and training both Soul Contract Reading practitioners and teachers. Frank passed over in 2007, with a book on this work incomplete. This talent enables me to ensure that his legacy, his gift to the world, lives on and continues to transform people’s lives for the better. This book is a culmination of this sharing.

My Spiritual Goals were to take the knowledge that has come to me – and that really inspires me – expand it and share it with others. This is exactly what I am doing with this book. I had no choice but to write it as the inner drive from my soul to do so was so strong. It gives me deep satisfaction to pass on knowledge such as this that can really help you transform your life.

My Soul Destiny/Life Purpose was revealed to be all about coming fully into my power and reaching a high level of consciousness as a result. This too is now happening. From this higher state of consciousness I am now able to help you raise your consciousness.

Inspired to share and teach

I was so inspired by this experience of the reading with Frank that I decided to stay on in the United States for several months. This was in order to learn how to do this work so I could share it with others back in the United Kingdom. Frank had given us (students in his Numerology of Moses workshop) permission to share it with as many people as possible by teaching it in our own way. When I returned to the UK, I had a strong urge to share the wonderful, empowering truth of this work that had touched me so deeply with others who were open to it, and I wanted to help them move forward in their lives. It would enable them to navigate the Spiritual Map of Life laid out by the soul from the time they were conceived.

As a result of this strong calling, I have delivered thousands of Soul Contract Readings to people all over the world over the past two decades, to help them become conscious of the Spiritual Map of their life. I have given them specific recommendations so they can navigate their map, break through the blockages they face each day and move towards manifesting a happier, more fulfilling life as they align with and manifest their purpose for being here on Earth.

In addition to this, a major part of my teaching practice has become to train practitioners in this work so that this high level of truth can reach even more people and help them move forward in their lives.

I established the Center for Conscious Ascension with Dr Ahlmeirah Ariel Hallaire in 2002 as a vehicle for accelerating the Ascension process. This is undertaken by holding a loving and empowering space for spiritual seekers to access and manifest their Soul Destiny/Life Purpose. The core foundation of this process is the Soul Contract Reading work so that they understand the Spiritual Map of their life and where they are on it. Recommendations as to which tools/practices/workshops to use are then made to help them progress more easily through their Spiritual Map. You can find out more at

The Spiritual Map of my life

Everything in my Soul Contract, which at the time of the reading over 20 years ago seemed only a pipe dream, has happened. This is because Frank’s reading had given me that extremely accurate, precious map of the deepest truth of my life. I have followed  that map ever since, even when things got tough. Actioning the recommendations that came out of the reading has been a profoundly deep process and has totally changed my life. They have helped me work on my most important life issues. As a result, I have broken through much of my karmic patterns, unleashed my talents and moved towards achieving my goals and manifesting my Soul Destiny/Life Purpose. Without this Spiritual Map of my life, I feel that my life would not have happened and that I probably would have got seriously stuck in my karmic patterns as they were so strong. Because of my perseverance, all the things that Frank told me so many years ago, which seemed unbelievable at the time, have come to pass. My life is happening the way I want it to. I am in a place that would have been unimaginable only a few years ago. I would now like to share with you how you can decode your Soul Contract, how you can understand the Spiritual Map of your life and how you can make this happen for yourself.

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