chapter 1

Chapter 1: How you create your life

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Sound is creative  
 Sound is creative. The first sound was the sound of God entering the Great Void to create this Universe. As above, so below, your birth certificate name creates your life from the moment you are conceived to the moment your physical body dies or you fully ascend. Ascending means transforming yourself into a Being of Light. This is where your dense physical body becomes a Lightbody and you shift to the next dimension of existence, while still retaining full memory of this physical Earthly experience. When we die, we normally lose these memories. Retaining these memories is the true meaning of immortality.  
 Your soul chose your birth name, prior to incarnating, while still on the higher dimensions. It reviewed all its past lives, consulting with the Karmic Board of Earth along with its guides and masters. It then chose a name that would create the optimal incarnate experience for it to know, learn about and experience itself as more of All That Is through the process we call life. This includes the time and location of birth into the Earth plane and the culture you are born into. Also, there are your parents as well as the entire genetic lineage you choose to be born into and the time period in Earth’s history. The soul also chooses all of the primary formative, karmic and ongoing relationships you are to engage with in a given lifetime, prior to incarnation, to create the experience it needs. It contracts with the other souls for them to play specific roles in its life. This is why when you meet certain people in your life who seem quite familiar, it is because you have played out many roles for each other in past life incarnations. This is in order for all of you to grow in consciousness.  
 An experiment in consciousness

 You can think of incarnate life as an experiment in consciousness set in motion by your soul through its creating of you. The infinite divine intelligence of your soul grew you from a single cell at conception, when it first started arriving in your body, into a physical body consisting of 100 trillion cells. There is an associated set of energetic bodies that the physical body coalesces from into matter- based form. This is why it is such a miracle that babies come into the world and it usually all works. Your soul also creates a brand new ego personality expression for it to express through. All of this is created by the Soul Contract energies of the name it chose for you. Your ego personality is the soul’s interface to the Earthly reality, so it can experience it in a specific way. Once it has set this interface in emotion, it cannot interfere with how you decide to live the life it has created for you. You have complete free will on how you decide to engage with the life created by your Soul Contract. However, it is the soul’s deepest desire that you align with and manifest your Soul Destiny, its real purpose for incarnating.

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