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Would someone just tell me what is going on with my life!  

When we first start off in life, things just seem to happen to us  randomly. As we mature, we begin to notice that some patterns  start repeating themselves, and that there may be some sort of  order to our life. Many of us go through life dealing with one crisis  after another and ask ourselves, ‘There must be a deeper meaning  to all this amongst all the chaos? Would someone just tell me what  is going on with my life!’    

The Spiritual Map of your life    

Just know that there is indeed an underlying plan, a carefully  designed Spiritual Map that the soul is using to create your life in  each and every moment. It is all a matter of decoding it. Once this  is done, your life will make total sense. Like using satellite navigation  in a car when driving to a programmed destination, this  Spiritual Map of your life called your Soul Contract will help you  navigate the experiences of life. It will get you to your destination,  which is your Soul Destiny or Life Purpose. Most people incarnate  on Earth and never manifest this because they lacked this  Spiritual Map, this Soul Contract that was within them all the time  in the form of their birth name. The result is that they reincarnate for many lifetimes, to repeat the same experiences, until the soul  gets what it came for. Learning on the Earth plane can be a slow  process as a result, and you can often hear the effect of this in the  statement ‘Life is hard and then you die’.    

However, it doesn’t have to be that way. Most of us turn away  from the hard stuff we face in life as it just seems too painful and  challenging to face it, let alone overcome it. We start looking for  an easier way. Let us step back and have a look at why are we here  in the first place. This is the big question: ‘What is the meaning  of life?’ Well, here’s the answer. It’s not 42 like in Douglas Adam’s  The Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy, but it is still a number, so  he was close!     

How you created your life the way it is  
 One of the ways the Creative Force of the Universe seeks to expand its consciousness is to separate parts of itself in consciousness from itself. These parts completely forget that they are part of the Creative Force. It has them embody in a denser physical form into a specific band of frequencies. These parts are we ourselves, our souls incarnate in a human body in a band of frequencies called the 3rd dimensional Earth plane. This immediately creates a sense of separation in consciousness from God/the Creative Force through the structure of the human ego. Our consciousness drops, and we fall into a state of unconsciousness. We forget that we are part of All That Is. This is called the Game of Separation from Spirit, with Spirit being defined as the part of the Creative Force of life that does not embody, and with Soul being defined as the part of the Creative Force that is more individuated, that embodies from time to time.  
 When we are out of our bodies, as pure spiritual beings on the higher dimensions, we are merely pure consciousness. We are not limited by the physical and emotional limitations of embodiment. Our consciousness is much more expanded. We feel and know that we are connected to and are an integral part of All That Is, Great Spirit, God, Universal Intelligence, the Creator, call it what you wish. In this place, everything that can be known, learnt and experienced resides as all consciousness is connected at this level of existence.  
 The Creator is not a noun, not a label for some wise old man with a white beard sitting on a throne in Heaven looking down upon us. The Creator is more a verb, a process continuously in action, seeking to expand its consciousness through the creation of Creation by experiencing and learning more about itself in a myriad of different ways.  
 The purpose of dropping into the forgetfulness of separation consciousness is that we experience life through a particular set of ego personality filters. We initially believe that this is all there is to our existence and proceed to fully engage with our life as if it is Real with a capital ‘R’. We re-experience ourselves as All That Is through specific lessons and experiences to continue to expand the consciousness of All That Is.  
 As we mature, we start to search for the true meaning of our lives as we know and feel that there is something important that someone has not told us about our life. Each of us is walking our own unique Spiritual Map of Life, created by our Soul Contract. We are ultimately searching for that reconnection in consciousness to the Creator, the Love that is All That Is, in the Higher Dimensions that we so recently left.  
 How to start creating a more fulfilling life  
 No matter how challenging your life situation is, this book will take you from where you stand right now and hand you the keys to unlocking your life. It shows you how to simply decode your Soul Contract from your birth certificate name to reveal the Spiritual Map of your life, which is manifesting your individualized search for reconnection to All That Is. It reveals the primary karmic patterns/ challenges you need to overcome in order to move forward in life, your underlying goals/dreams and the latent talents you have to overcome the karma and achieve the goals. Overall, it presents to you your Soul Destiny/Life Purpose. It shows you how to work through these issues to more easily and consciously discern what is your next right action in each Now moment. It is designed to empower you to live a more fulfilling life.  
 How to use this book
 The following chapters teach you a clear proven, step-by-step process for decoding your Soul Contract and understanding the Spiritual Map of your life. They give you the tools to start working through the challenges of this map more consciously and efficiently so as to manifest your Soul Destiny/Life Purpose. Anyone can undertake this process as long as they apply their will, focus and dedication to it. You do not need to be psychic, intuitive or special to do this.  
 There are many different ways of accessing the information within your Soul Contract. The principle of revealing the information in layers is used to enable you to assimilate it in a top-down manner. You are taken from the broad principles of how all this works into deeper and deeper levels of meaning. The information gradually coalesces into 22 distinct areas of understanding that describe incarnate life here on Earth.  
 Because of the deep truths that are revealed about your life, you will need to go back through this information several times to really assimilate it properly. It is important to allow time to go with your natural flow in this process. Each time you engage with this material, something new will be revealed to you because you will be ready to hear it. Just practise using this decoding process and you will get it.  
 Your Soul Contract creates your reality in each moment
 The Human Genome Project is one of the largest investigative projects in modern science. Its primary goal is to determine the sequence of chemical base pairs that make up our DNA and to identify and map all the genes (20,000–25,000) of the human genome (the hereditary information held in our DNA) from both a physical and functional standpoint.  
 Medical science used to believe that our genes and DNA had total control over our biology. This was until Dr Bruce Lipton and other leading researchers in the field of New Biology, who were examining the processes by which cells receive information, showed that our DNA is actually controlled by signals from outside the cell, including the energetic messages from our positive and negative thoughts. This is described in his groundbreaking book The Biology of Belief (Ref 1).  
 I would like to take this a step further and state that it is the energies of your Soul Contract that manifest your DNA and your entire physical and energetic bodies in the first place and how they function throughout your life. Once this vessel for incarnate soul expression has been created, it is the ongoing transmission from the different frequencies in each aspect of your Soul Contract that directly controls your DNA. This occurs in very specific and highly refined ways to create the life experience the soul desires. The soul can influence and switch DNA sequences on and off at will.  
 You will learn that there is a total divine order put in place in your life by your soul’s choice of birth name that creates each moment of your experience. Decoding your Soul Contract reveals this specific, accurate and detailed Spiritual Map of your life. The more you understand and align with this map, the more easily your life will flow, and the more fulfilling it will become as you manifest much more of your Soul Destiny/Life Purpose. 

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Copyright 2013 Nicolas David Ngan
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